Play-To-Earn: What It Is and How It May Influence the World in the Future

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Are you looking for an exchange where you can swap BTC to PPT? Wait. A more profitable way of getting digital coins is called “Play-to-Earn.” By playing online, users can earn money in cryptocurrencies. The game’s mechanics vary, but there are usually rewards such as staking, in-game currency farming, and creating NFTs. Then, you can trade with them. 

With traditional blockchain games, the chances of making money were very uncertain. Still, the play-to-earn concept has created an in-game economy and a business model ensuring players make money. As a result, there are various games created on the blockchain. 

How Does The Play-To-Earn Game Work?

Play-to-earn games that combine gameplay and financial tools belong to the GameFi category. Each product provides you with financial incentives and progress as you play. The repetition of certain actions characterizes this type of game, so the sources of income can be roughly divided into two parts.

  • Earn cryptocurrencies. An example of this model is “Smooth Love Potion (SLP)” by Axie Infinity. It is a platform where you may get rewards by completing daily quests and fighting monsters and players.
  • Receive or sell NFTs. You can get NFTs from objects, characters, and other collectible items. Depending on the game, the item can be purely external (change the appearance of something) or directly affect the game’s functioning.
  • Staking is a third way to make money on playable platforms. Users may link NTFs and cryptocurrencies to smart contracts. In return, players can be rewarded. For example, users can receive rewards like NFT Mystery Box MOMO by stacking MBOX tokens. NFTs of various rarities are randomly placed in this box and can be sold on the secondary market. However, a significant initial investment is required to receive a large staking reward.

The Most Promising Projects in the Near Future

So far, dozens of projects have been launched on the blockchain gaming market. Some are already popular products that have gained maximum popularity in the community. They are expected to continue to grow.

The most promising Play-to-earn projects are:

  1. Alien World is a collectible card project based on space war. You can benefit from collecting game resources, trading NFT objects, and fighting with other players. You can also buy and rent land.
  2. Sprinter Lands is a fantasy card game for collectors. You may earn NFT cards by participating in battles and tournaments and completing various quests and tasks. Earned rewards can be sold on the in-game marketplace or rented to other players.
  3. Arc8 is a gaming platform that collects dozens of conventional mini-games, for example, Tetris, Solitaire, Hold ’em poker, etc. In addition, you may get tokens and NFTs when you win.
  4. Illumium is an open-world fantasy role-playing game. You can explore the virtual world and participate in battles in gameplay. When you win battles, you get resources and characters in the game that you can improve or sell.

Play-to-Earn in the Future

Why exchange BTC to ZEC if play-to-earn technology opens up new possibilities for the future? Unfortunately, many think only time and effort to increase cryptocurrency investments continuously are needed. But anyone participating in a game has a chance to make a profit based on their own experience. 

At the same time, you can lose. The number of assets or NFTs you earn depends on the complexity of your game architecture, limits, experience, and market conditions. So, before joining the game, study its features, technical aspects, project reviews, etc. Then decide whether to play for the first time or choose another method of making a profit.

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