Visit the primary spots of New York in a week with New York limo service

New York limo service

If you have less time, but still want to cover primary spots in New York and make the best of your stay here, then this write-up is just for you. Explore and enjoy these spots within New York and cover them in a week. The spots are fun and memorable by touring in a New York limo service.

Below are listed primary spots of New York that can be covered within a week, Sunday through Saturday, with New York limo service:

Times Square-Sunday

There’s a blend of shopping outlets, shows and restaurants in this area. This is located in the center of New York and give you the best local touch of the place.

Upper East Side- Monday

In this area is the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park. Lunch would be awesome at Serendipity 3.

Dumbo, Brooklyn- Tuesday

Within this area are:

  • Brooklyn Bridge Park
  • Walked on Brooklyn Bridge
  • One Girl Cookies
  • New York Transit Museum

Brooklyn is a tourist’s favorite location within New York to explore and enjoy. Lunch is best at Juliana’s Pizza.

Waitress The Musical, Rockefeller Center – Wednesday

In this area, points of interests that can be covered in a day are:

  • Waitress The Musical
  • Top of the Rock Observatory
  • NBC Tour
  • Magnolia Bakery
  • Lunch at By Chloe
  • Lady M Cakes

Views are amazing at the Rockefeller center. One can check behind the scenes of shows that are conducted late at night. There are lots of shopping spots around. Nintendo stores and Lego stores are some fun stores to check out. Plenty of food spots can also be explored. Magnolia Bakery is best known for its banana pudding. Lady M cakes are best known for crepe cakes and their signature cakes. Check out Broadway plays at Waitress The Musical.

World Trade Center, Greenwich Village, Wall Street- Thursday

In this area, locations to cover and explore are:

  • Washington Square Park
  • Carrie Bradshaw Apartment
  • Wall Street
  • Friends Apartment Building
  • World Trade Center

These points are best to visit during warm months. Head to the 9/11 museum and stroll around the memorial and pay tribute.

SoHo and Chinatown- Friday

There are several streets and cool buildings in this area. Restaurants are cool and the food is tasty in Chinatown. There are plenty of options to choose from within this area.

Empire State Building, Flatiron District- Saturday 

Coming to the end of the week, grab the entire view of this city from the Empire State Building. The view is the perfect and right way to end your week. Top of the Rock gives a lovely view. Eat at Flatiron District where you can choose from tons of restaurants and head to shopping spots that this district offers.

With this, your trip for the week is done, covering the major spots of the New York City. Include some fun things on the way during the week and make sure you certainly try out the local cuisines of the city. With New York limo service, these spots are made luxurious, comfortable and most enjoyable. The service is professional and affordable for any traveler. If you would like to have some additional peace of mind, you may want to arrange for your transportation with a professional car service companies like All Transportation Network.

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