Outlook Plugins for Daily Life

Outlook Plugins

There are too many plugins compatible with Outlook on the market. It is simple to get lost in all of the offers. Some of them are free, others require payment. Many are well-known, while developers continue to provide new options every day. If you are a business owner, you may need a Salesforce plugin for Outlook, if you are an editor, you may need the PoliteMail plugin. Read this list of top plugins for every occasion.

Top-3 Tools for Outlook

Outlook is one of the most popular mail services around the world. While Gmail may argue with this statement, Outlook continues to be a decent competitor. One of its major benefits is plugins and add-ins. They increase the possibilities of each user, helping to boost productivity or improve security. Here are the most popular services:

  1. The Salesforce plugin is great for business owners who are used to work with emails. It provides you with all the insights you need, including the statistics on the letter’s success and the ability to book meetings. You can keep up with the real-time data in Outlook;
  2. PolitMail is another business tool you can use to improve your emails. If you receive and have to send hundreds of responses, you will need this tool. It offers highly responsive design, helps with emails, and provides you with the analytics on your work;
  3. The Advanced Security plugin is there for your safety. If something goes wrong, it sends you an alert. You receive a push-up notification with detailed information about the cause of the alert. You can immediately block suspicious emails and users.

Plugins That Help

You can improve your Outlook experience as much as you want. If you have not found the plugin you wanted on the list, you can search for it on the Microsoft official page. You can suggest more plugins you use in the comments. Which addition is your favorite?

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