7 Outbound Call Center Services That You Have Not Heard Of

Call Center Services


“Good old-fashioned personal service.”

No words describe the benefits of outbound call center services then this quote by Brian Noyes. An outbound call center provides this personal touch by proactively reaching out to prospects and converting them to customers.

Considering the investment of time and effort that goes in call center outsourcing, a valid question arises – is this all their scope is limited to?


Most people ascribe call center solutions to covering only the following aspects:

  • Telemarketing to convert prospects to customers
  • Lead Generation to acquire high-quality leads
  • Appointment Setting between the client and the right prospects
  • Cold Calling to fast-track the process of acquiring new customers

However, did you know that call center outsourcing companies offer many other services that can help your business thrive? Here are 7 such outbound call center services that give your business an edge over your competitors.


1. Market Intelligence Services

This is perhaps one of the most valuable of the outbound call center services, as it helps an organization in making tactical decisions. By collating data on customer behaviour, competitor analysis, social media and digital analytics, an outbound call center can offer insights that help in better market penetration.

2. Product Promotion Services

Outbound call centers play a big role in product promotion at the time of a new launch to the target market. By connecting with customers across all touchpoints of phone, web and mail, and by matching their preferences to the product features, outbound call centers can take the launch up by several notches.

3. Information Verification Services

From telephonic checks to validating digital information, outbound call centers provide a range of information verification services. Insurance verification, third-party verification, employee information verification, customer data verification and social security number verification are just some of the types of checks included in outbound call center services.

4. Outbound Sales Support Services

Agents in outbound call center services are specially trained to skillfully cross-sell and upsell other products and services of your business, generating further revenue while also ensuring that it doesn’t hamper the relationship with the customer in the process.

5. Customer Survey Services

Outbound call center services also include customer satisfaction surveys via multiple channels such as written surveys, telephonic surveys, one-to-one surveys and internet surveys to gather vital data on the health of your business in the real world. The insights gained from these surveys not only help improve your customer experience but also help you understand customers’ interests in new products, thereby letting you expand your business into newer avenues.

6. Debt Collection Services

When the process of soft debt collection is delegated to a call center outsourcing company, it benefits both your business and the customer. Trained agents can not only track debtors, but they also ensure that no payments have defaulted. They employ an empathetic approach in the collection process so that the reputation of your business remains untarnished. Further, they simplify payment collections for customers by offering them multiple payment restructuring options.

7. Customer Loyalty Management and Retention Services

It is common business knowledge that the cost of acquiring a new customer is five times more than that of retaining an existing one. Yet, in the day-to-day grind, it becomes difficult for a business to allot time and attention that a loyal customer deserves. A call center outsourcing company can help you identify your most faithful customers and convey your offerings to them through various processes so that you remain their go-to brand.

As you look to elevate your business with these services, do keep in mind that only an experienced and capable call center outsourcing company can truly allow you to make the most of your relationship with the existing and new customers.

At Expert Callers, we understand this perfectly and have worked on diverse and challenging projects to realize this for our clients. With our tailor made processes, people skills, deep knowledge and analytical expertise, we ensure that you and your customers can enjoy a lasting connection.

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