Nonogram Puzzles and What You Ought to Know

Nonogram Puzzles

Also referred to as Griddler, pictogram, or picture cross, nonogram puzzles are addictive and fun to play. Not only do they challenge you, but keep you entertained at the same time. Becoming a nonogram master is not rocket science. All you have to do is have a keen eye for detail. And practice. After all, practice makes perfect.

Nonogram allows you to use logic to reveal pixel art pictures. And you can join equally excited players to have fun.

That said, we discuss what you need to know about nonogram puzzles. Let’s dive right in.

Nonogram puzzles are a classic. The game has a set of features that make your game fun, exciting and enjoyable. You can install the game on your tablet or phone, meaning you can play anywhere, anytime.

These puzzles keep you active. You can choose your preferred difficulty level and build a unique nonogram collection at any time. If you’re looking for a break from your daily routine, this game is for you. It will help you unwind and relax. And enjoy some quality time.

Some of the features of nonogram puzzles include:

  • Many nonogram puzzles with non-repetitive images you can color
  • Daily challenges that allow you to earn crowns. Besides, you can get a special monthly offer by solving all the puzzles and collecting the crowns each month.
  • Hints that help you when you get stuck while solving the picture cross puzzle
  • Seasonal events updates where you can reveal and collect all the unique nonogram postcards.
  • Auto-crosses that help you fill the grid on the lines in the puzzle where squares are correctly colored
  • Tournaments that allow you to compete with other nonogram players. And color as many pictures as you can. Besides, that helps harness your skills, learn from experts, earn more points and even win the top prize.
  • If you did not already know, nonogram puzzles come with some rules. These allow you to play fair as you dive into the world of puzzles.

The perks of solving nonogram puzzles

You get better at solving puzzles.

Nonogram puzzles will help you become better at solving other puzzles. With the skills, pictures, numbers, colors, and everything in between, you improve your puzzle-solving skills and become an all-around player.

Besides, you begin to enjoy competition since you have the skills and know-how to solve a nonogram puzzle.

Kill boredom

If you’re struggling with boredom, nonograms offer a healthy way to pass time. Whether you’re bored at home, at work, in the salon, at the gym, or anywhere, you can take a break and enjoy solving one.

Even though most games are made to pass time, nonograms are different. They challenge you and make your work a little harder. They are more than your ordinary game.

If you’re bored and are looking for a productive way to pass time, you will not regret solving a nonogram puzzle.

Create and maintain a social bond

Finally, even though most gamers turn to nonogram puzzles when they’re bored and have nothing to do, these puzzles can help create new friendships.

You get to meet people of shared interest, learn about each other, and bond in the process.

Besides, you can learn a few tricks from each other, healthily challenge each other and become better together.

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