Micro Frontend Architecture: 4 Reasons Why It’s Perfect for Development

A micro frontend is an architectural approach to frontend development that is considered one of the most popular ways of development in recent years.

It is fair to say that this way of working represents the future of frontend development in general, and this is the main reason why knowing the advantages it brings for a development team is vital for the process. So, if you are in need of talented developers, you can visit a site like Adeva, which is a global talent network.

Whether you are willing to hire someone or you yourself want to learn more about micro frontend framework or anything else connected with micro frontend architecture, now is the time to do it since it is getting more and more popular. Still, before you do that, first, let’s see four reasons why it is a perfect choice. Let’s start. 

It Is the Future

First of all, no matter how good your business marketing is or how popular your brand is, you still must have a powerful site that will provide a pleasurable experience for the user. Therefore, you would want a tool or people that understand the development process that is the future.

Many studies have shown that by now, around 25 percent of developers have used micro frontends at some point in their careers. This alone shows you that this is for sure the future since more companies are using the advantages of this type of approach. Also, some famous frontend apps are expected to use it in the future. In essence, micro frontend is for sure the next big step in the frontend development world.

There may still be a long way to go, but at the same time, it is a known fact that the apps are evolving all the time, so micro frontend is the natural answer.

Your Web App Will Be More Maintainable

In most cases, all large applications are hard to maintain, and this can often be a significant problem. Luckily for developers, micro frontends have the divide and conquer approach to things. This architecture can make every requirement you have much more easier to test but also maintain.

For example, trying to test a large monolithic application can become a really complex challenge, but using a micro frontend makes everything more manageable. One of the benefits is that every team can be responsible for testing what they have developed, which is a lot less than an entire frontend app. Of course, this is valuable because it speeds up the whole process a lot more, and that makes the entire situation a lot easier, which creates an atmosphere in which no one is worried about the testing part.

It Brings Teams Together

As you probably know, teams sometimes can consist of members with various backgrounds and qualities. Some of them may be better in JavaScript, others in React, or they may prefer to code in some other programming language. 

Therefore, the only solution in order to bring everyone together in the best possible way is to find common ground, even when some of the developers will need to learn new aspects and technologies. And the best possible solution is for sure to adopt the micro frontend architecture.

In addition, this is not the only positive aspect since the micro frontend is also beneficial when it comes to the final result.  

Better Developer Experience

Last but not least, the micro frontend architecture also provides a lot better developer experience. The developers have the opportunity to test some new micro frontend modules, but the best thing about it is that it can be done in a browser where the rest of the app is deployed.

Because of this advantage, it is unnecessary to have a deployment of a separate test environment because the already deployed app can be used by overriding the module you have a desire to replace. Therefore, testing a new module is a smooth and easygoing process that makes the experience for the developers much more enjoyable.

And that is not all since there is also another benefit of using micro frontends: excellent teamwork. We mentioned that it brings teams together, but it is also making sub-teams for each feature, and the team ends when the feature is completed, so at this time, the members are reassigned to new ones. Because of this, the process of development is a lot more interesting and exciting since the developers get more chances to learn something different.

To Sum It All Up 

Here you have four crucial reasons why micro frontend architecture is already highly beneficial, but also it will become even more relevant in the future. And if you want to create a site the best possible way, it is more than beneficial to hire some top-rated developers. Remember that the options are endless; the goal is actually to make the maximum of every situation, and with a micro frontend, that is more than possible!      

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