4 Marketing Tips To Become a Successful Fashion Brand

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The rising affluence of social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have culminated in the emergence of a multitude of fashion companies around the world. For the first time, the advent of this technology has allowed for business owners, without the resources and funds to open a physical store and hire employees, access to an open market with reach to an audience across the world. For all the aspiring clothing business owners out there, with dreams of one day making it as big as companies like Forever 21 and Free People, here are 4 marketing tips you should be implementing.

1. Invest in Professional Photography

Only the best of the best will make it in the fashion industry, and if you want to attract customers, the photos of your clothing, and of your models in your pieces, should be well done and high definition. Fashion is a visual industry, and these days consumers will decide if they want to buy your products, not based on how it looks in the store, but how the photos look on your website and on social media. Hiring a professional photographer ensures you are hiring someone who knows how to take impressive photos of your models, and how to direct your models on how pose and where to stand.

This Marketing Tips applies across every niche of the fashion industry, including night club wear, designer, suits, casual tee shirts, and wedding dresses. Because every piece of a photo contributes to its appeal, and how it looks on a model is one of the most important steps before a consumer even orders your clothes and gets to try it on, this is an investment that is important to make. You can hire a professional photographer from a well rated company, or do research on freelancers in your area to help you with this job.

2. Show Multiple Angles of Your Products

It can be frustrating for consumers when they can’t see how an outfit looks from behind. Help your users out and be sure to have multiple angles and photos of your clothing on your product page. Even better, having a 360 degree view of a product or model allows users to see the item from any angle, which helps with their visualization process. Anything that makes the purchase process easier for your customer will lead to greater sales and conversions rates, which are the goals of any fashion company.

3. Social Media Advertising as a Marketing Tips

As a fashion company, Instagram is one of the top social media platforms you should build a following on. Instagram’s 3×3 grid, ecommerce shopping features, and easy tagging make it a prime source for generating traffic and new potential customers. On this platform, you can repost images of customers who have worn your clothing. People appreciate being noticed by brands they follow or are a fan of, so this will help build a loyal following. If you work with fashion influencers, this also makes it easier for them to tag your company in their photos, which in turn makes it easier for their followers to find their way to your page, and see the exact clothing that their favorite influencers are wearing. As we mentioned before, fashion is a visual industry, and there is no greater visual social media platform than Instagram.

4. E-Mail Marketing Tips

Now that it’s easier than ever to collect data on your consumers and their preferences, e-mail marketing is a great way to get the word out about your clothing to your customers. Customer data gives you access to what product pages your consumers spent the most time on, what products they actually purchased, what products they added to their cart, and which pages led to the highest bounce rates. All of this information can be used in e-mail marketing, where you can follow that Marketing Tips on a product a customer put in their cart but maybe didn’t have time to follow through with check out, and also to send out potential clothing items your customer would be likely to buy based on their previous purchases.

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