10 Best Tips of Writing a Recommendation Letter

Recommendation Letter

It is pleasant that you are here with us. This is great if you are putting some efforts in writing a recommendation letter for some fellow. It shows your concern towards them and also about the professionalism attitude that you carry.

Letter of Recommendation is an entry charm for many aspirants out there in world who are either looking for a job or are aspiring higher education (for example, PhD). Nobody can judge one individual completely by just looking at them or by interviewing for a few minutes. This is the reason higher authorities ask for at least 2 to 3 recommendation letters from previous employer or professor individual worked with.

Here it becomes the ex – employer or ex – professor’s responsibility to review the individual and write a recommendation letter for them, if asked to. This is a crucial job you have been given because may be it would change their life by giving a chance to rise high in career or education. It could be vice versa too. Therefore, what you write is very important for the individual you are writing for.

A few best tips are provided below to assist you in writing a recommendation letter.

1. Collect the information.

While writing a recommendation letter, it is essential that you go a step ahead and get to know more about the individual beyond profession too. You can ask them to share a resume or CV or meet in person. It is because you need information that qualifies the individual for the applying job or to check whether they are even eligible or not. This is necessary for the sake of credibility of the recommendation letter you provided.

2. Get to know the type of recommendation letter required.

Since there are numerous types, it is better that you keep a prior check of the letter type you need to write. It could be a general recommendation letter that could be used at multiple places as per requirement or the individual asks for a specific recommendation letter need to be sent at specific address too. For example, many of the Universities in world directly contact the recommending professor to know more about the individual. Therefore, it is important that you know the type.

3. Format set up.

It is always important like a universal law. Since recommendation letter is a professional and official statement, it has to be in a right format. Get a check if a format is mentioned by the employer and if it is mentioned, right format shall be followed. A recommendation letter in some other format might get rejected too. To see various general formats, you can visit our page where more samples are available for reference.

4. Content of the Letter.

It is where the main information is to be written. From the CV of the individual and from personal experience, you need to write about the skills, talents, expertise, qualification, character etc. This is totally going to be an official and therefore it is necessary to use standard language.

We always suggest writing things in short but much explanatory and therefore it is an art. Usage of correct adjectives can help you out here. But do not make it look so complicated. Mention important information like the various strengths of individual that you have noticed. Your sentences will show your confidence and therefore frame them wisely and with utmost assertions. Sometimes you can mention few instances or moments where the individual impressed you and cite accomplishments which in turn add value to your organization and benefits the individual you are writing for.

5. Finish with an impact.

As you finish with your recommendation letter, you can write something that enhance your letter and chances of selection for the applying individual. For example, you would hire him/her again if they wish to. it enhance the value and candidature of your individual.

6. Avoid overwriting, re-writing.

It is essential that you don’t repeat anything or exaggerate over few things only. It should look genuine and must be a crisp.

7. Sign on your own.

Rather you put your name and just forward it ahead, it would be great that you take print, sign with ink, scan and them forward in a PDF format (or whichever asked). It shows your concern towards the individual and adds values to your letter genuinely.

8. Avoid Grammatical or Spelling mistake.

9. Share your personal contact details.

It is for future references if required. It shows your decency and attitude towards your responsibilities. It is very generous of you when you share your personal contact information with the concerned party.

10. Must be on time.

To avoid any hassle, it is essential that you send the recommendation letter within the deadlines given. If you tend to forget better use calendar or a timer to remind you. It could be horrible for the individual if you cross the deadlines without sending it. So, let’s not disappoint them and our self too.

Sometimes, a letter of recommendation could be attached with the application form and other documents and shared to the respective address. For more about writing a recommendation letter, you can visit our page where many more articles are available that may guide you more. We hope that you find this article useful. Thank you for letting us help you and for your attention. We wish you a very all the best!

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