How to Make a Cozy Bed

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Beds are an integral part of our lives and it’s basically impossible to imagine living without one for a prolonged time in 2022. While our ancestors of course managed to do so, we’re living in an age where comfort is key for productivity and the best place to create a comfortable environment is our bed. You may be looking for things that you can do which aren’t too difficult but which can greatly increase the comfort factor and make your bed a hell of a lot cozier, if so then you’ve arrived at the right place since that’s what we’ll be covering today, let’s dive right into it

Get a good mattress

Of course, the most important part of the bed is the mattress. When intending to make a cozy sleeping spot it’s incredibly important to get a mattress that’s not only of high quality but also one that is right for you. Depending on your personal needs and preferences you may need a different kind of mattress as opposed to someone else. Some people prefer softer ones while others prefer those which are a bit more firm. It may be a bit of a pain to go through all of that initially but considering you only need to shop for one every decade or so it’s well worth it. Just remember to find your preference and also to look at reviews so you can find the best possible brand for your budget.

Soft lighting

We’ve all had those situations where we’ve woken up at night, turned our bedside lamp on, and been blinded by the amount of light it produced, inevitably waking up completely from the sheer shock. Having soft lighting on our bed stand is important for this reason. It’s also useful to have a good lamp if you intend to do reading in your bed late at night and of course doing any kind of work in bed such as finishing up some tasks. It’s just nice to have the option to turn the light on instead of relying on harsher lights.

Set your pillows up

Having the pillow set-up that you prefer is really important and it’s one of the biggest reasons why sleeping at home is easier than away. It’s important to know that both quality and quantity are big deals. Quality of course as comfier pillows are infinitely better than ones that are poorly made. Get the best quality pillows and sheets on sites like MyTickie. Quantity is important in the sense that you need to find the correct number of pillows for you. Some prefer having dozens of them while some just stick to one and don’t need any others. It’s all up to personal preference and finding your preference is incredibly important.

Check your blankets

It’s really hard to understate just how big of a deal getting softer blankets is. Once you try out ones that are made out of a nicer material it’s really hard to go back to your old ones. Flannel is always a nice one but there’s a wide range of good options. If you’re struggling to pick one we recommend looking up some reviews as those can always point you in the right direction and can give you a better idea of how each material feels.

A soft rug goes a long way

While this is the least impactful of all the changes we can recommend, it’s still a really nice quality-of-life boost that we think will be a nice boon for you. Getting up in the morning and having the first thing you step on being a nice soft rug is one of the best feelings in the world and is infinitely better than having to step on hardwood or a rougher carpet.


Making your bed comfier is an ordeal that isn’t too difficult and we highly recommend it to anyone. With just a few purchases and a little bit of effort, you can turn your bed from a nice resting place to the coziest spot on Earth. Hopefully, this guide was helpful and made it easier to know what to focus on. Once you finish and try your bed out again you’ll be thankful to yourself for going through the effort and won’t be able to turn back.

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