Looking to develop the skills of your employees & make things easier for you? Use Chatbots!

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The miracle of Artificial Intelligence technology has brought a revolution and multiple benefits in our lives. Chatbots is also one of those revolutions which has almost replaced human beings and are carrying out their work.

You might have seen chatbots performing their roles in different sectors and apps. The main goal of these chatbots is to provide accurate information to the customers while lessening the burden of human beings at the same time.

A chatbot is an automated system that emulates person-to-person dialogue through text or voice messages. The first chatbot was ELIZA, which MIT professor Joseph Weizenbaum developed in 1966. In the beginning, the conversation was conducted by matching the pattern recognition of sentences with corresponding answers.

Here, in this piece of blog, I am going to discuss the role of chatbots in improving the employee skills. I will proceed with this discussion on the basis of certain parameters. Before that, let’s have a look at the quick stat related to the Chatbot market popularity:

Chatbots are rapidly taking over the world, revolutionizing customer service, finance, e-commerce, education, healthcare, and many other industry verticals. According to some strategic predictions by Gartner, 85% of customer service interactions will be performed by chatbots by the end of 2020.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the pointers in order to know the role of chatbots for improving employee skills:

#1. Helping with Employee Training

Well, this is one of the major benefits of chatbots in improving employees skills. With the help of chatbots, employees can improve their training skills. Chatbots serve employees as instructors which are available 24/7 with the full support. These chatbots are always available to provide required information anytime at anyplace.

Sometimes these chatbots conduct quizzes and tests in order to check and analyze the knowledge of your trainees and then create reports based on that. They could be considered as in-house assistants who can conduct tests anytime.

Chatbots could be implemented in training software and in this way, learning experience of the trainees could be enhanced easily and effectively. You can get updates and reminders related to the training program through chatbots.

Although chatbots are not that intelligent,,they can help you with frequently asked questions. You will get relevant and accurate answers as a learner at any time, if in case you integrate your chatbot with your LMS software and your centralized repository of knowledge.

These chatbots can be really helpful if they are implemented with corporate training software. This will be helpful in tracking a trainee’s progress and jump in whenever they need help with anything.

#2. Supporting Employee Onboarding

Chatbots are also helpful in making employee onboarding simple, easy and inexpensive. If you don’t know, let me tell you that Onboarding can be stressful for new employees, but it can also be demanding and costly for you. This is obvious that you need to know each and every policy as well as the culture of your company and everything else which is needed.

However, implementing a chatbot into onboarding will make the process much easier for your newbies.  Integrating it with your HR training software will enable your new hires to get all the information they need regarding your company policy, necessary skills, knowledge, and behaviors – 24/7.

The implementation of chatbot will make this process easier especially for newbies. If you implement this chatbot with your HR training software, this will allow all the new joinees to get all mandatory information which is required and which is related to the company policies, mandatory skills, and information.

In this way, this would be really helpful for the new employees to understand the terms and policies and they would be able to build the skills required for their organization.

#3. Improving Employee Performance

Another task which chatbots can do for the employees is the improvement in the performance of the employees. There are various tasks which take much time if done by human beings as compared to chatbots.

According to research, chatbots can do repetitive tasks in a much better way such as paperwork(82%), scheduling (79%), and timesheets (78%).

The research also shows that 34% say that all the extra time freed up from the use of chatbots enables them to focus on creative thinking.

Apart from this, chatbots can finish tasks in a much better and faster way as compared to the employees and in this way time could be used more effectively. So in this way, chatbots will improve the employees performance as well as your business too.

As chatbots are able to create real-time reports, you can see and analyze the performance of the employees on time, can reward them and provide them the training which is required.

On the basis of the reports and the tests, chatbots can provide efficient feedback to your employees so that they can improve in the future. This will also help in improving their skills. So it could be said that this is one of the best advantages of chatbots for employees.

#4. Preventing Knowledge Loss

Well, this is yet another really valuable point; Knowledge sharing! Yes, just like chatbots can help employees to gain knowledge, in the same way, these can be utilized for knowledge sharing to other employees.

By providing access to all employees, you can share all knowledge to other employees. In this way no knowledge would be lost and they can also sharpen their skills with time.

This is possible as chatbots are 24/7 available. This feature helps employees to search for any query or information sitting at any place and any time.

Did you know that, according to a McKinsey report, employees spend nearly 20% of their time at work searching for internal information or tracking down co-workers who can help them with specific tasks?

So, in this way, few clicks can help your employees in saving a lot of time and energy and getting all information which is beneficial on their part as well on the part of the organization too.

Final words

In this way, chatbots can help employees in multiple ways. Employees can benefit themselves by getting updates and ultimately will help the organization in return.

So, being a business, if you want to implement this technology in your organization, you need to get in contact with a top chatbot development company in India which can provide you with the best services. Good luck!

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