Key Features Of A Mobile App for Doctors Appointments

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You might have already heard the phrase “ the best doctor is the one whom you run to, but cannot find at the time”. The phrase is absolutely correct and the availability of doctors and health services in developing countries like ours is not that good. Sometimes you might even have to come back from a clinic without being assessed because of your doctor’s extremely busy schedule.

However, things have started to change with the use of various software and applications tool. Nowadays Doctor Appointment Booking Software has come into use, through which patients can easily check if their doctor is available for a checkup or not. Well as a doctor, one can connect with developers that would develop a personalized doctor appointment booking software as per the needs to sort out this issue faced by patients. However, while doing so be a little careful while choosing your developer as it’s not that easy to develop appointment software as per needs and customization for all the developers.

Well if you want are the key features that would make your appointment application an efficient tool then you are at the right place. Why? as we are going to discuss the Key Features of a Mobile App for Doctors Appointments, which will really be useful if incorporated in developing the appointment software.

Manage Pages

The appointment application needs to be created from two different perspectives, first the patient, second the doctor. So it’s important that you create separate pages, databases and profiles for these two different users. As a developer, it’s your responsibility to manage these different components of your application. As for a basic layout, users can include the following components in your application

  • User login
  • Patient appointment page
  • Payment gateways
  • Doctors appointment slots
  • Doctors page and profile, etc.

There are several other components that can be added to the application. However, it’s highly advised to prepare the layout for the application beforehand. This way you won’t miss any major element to be added to the application.

Slot Based Appointment

There are various ways through which you can prepare the interface for appointment booking. However the most effective and the most efficient in the slot based appointment. In this type of appointment booking, the developer first needs to prepare a calendar through which the users can choose the date of appointment. Now on that date, the developer has to prepare the slots in which the doctor is available and your users should be able to select any one of the available slots.

Also, you need to make sure that the doctor is able to update the slot timings easily, according to his convenience.

Payment Options

The doctor appointment booking software must have an integrated payment gateway for easy payment options. So your application must be able to accept payment via different platforms.


Since your platform consists of an integrated payment gate and other user information, it becomes necessary for you to secure the application inside out. Also, make sure that your application does not store the raw data text file. Either use an encryption algorithm, or code to secure this raw data input. You can also make use of pre-built encryption modules to secure your application.

Geo Location

This is something that must be included in every medical application. As it is completely useless to even have an appointment with your doctor if the users are not able to reach the doctor’s clinic or hospital. So we recommend you to add a geolocation feature to your application helping users to reach their doctors on time. This can be created easily by using the phone GPS and Google Maps services. This feature is going to be really useful for people who are not familiar with the route and roads of the area, solving a major problem for your application users.

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