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Businesses thrive when customers find their product as the answer to their needs and want. But the challenge is, how do you deliver such a message to them if you only got a few seconds to do it? The answer is by using a website explainer video.

If you haven’t heard yet, videos are the top trend on the internet globally. It is the best medium to deliver any message to anyone. This is why videos have been a vital tool for any business growth.

How Does Website Explainer Video Work?

Written articles have been one of the pioneers of marketing. It is simple and much easier to produce. If you want to advertise something, you just write about it and publish it on a proper medium.

Since the dawn of the internet and the rise of video streaming platforms, videos have been more than just a source of entertainment. It is now the platform for everything, including information and advertisement.

This is where the website explainer video comes in. For any products and services, the best way to deliver concise messages in a matter of seconds is vital. Videos can do that. This is where the website explainer video comes in. For any products and services, the best way to deliver concise messages in a matter of seconds is vital. Videos can do that.

Reading takes time to deliver a message. It is tricky and very selective. But with a website explainer video strategy, you get the result that you want. Here are some of the benefits of using a website explainer video.

It Looks More Professional

Video presentations have been the utility of big companies and corporates back in the old days. That is why having a video as your tool for presenting your product gives it the impression of being more appealing.

While video presentations are already common these days, they still got the swag of being the safest choice for any audience. So taking advantage of website explainer video for your marketing campaign gives any potential customer the impression of confidence and a sense of professionalism.

Better Conversion Rate

According to Forbes, using website explainer videos can increase conversion rates by up to 50%. With the right tool and idea, you could be looking at your revenue to raise more than you have anticipated.

Somehow, the idea of putting up a business isn’t as much as a gamble anymore. If ROI could significantly rise in a few months using this tool, would you have any reason not to use it now?

Increase Visibility

Website explainer videos have a better memory retention rate than written articles. That means that even if customers aren’t able to make a purchase today, they could easily recall your product and its name because they have seen it before.

So aside from the positive conversion rate in real-time, it could still be useful even after the time of viewing. That is a win-win situation for any company.

Perfect Pitch Every Time

Presenting a product to a potential customer can be tricky. You won’t always be certain to deliver the right words at the right time. With a website explainer video, you are always delivering the right pitch anytime to anyone.


We could list more advantages of using a website explainer video, but that could take forever. So we hope that these reasons are enough to get you on your feet and get that video marketing tool that you want for your business.

And did we mention that website explainer videos are affordable too? You would be surprised how much you could spend on an investment that is proven to be effective, yet it will not create a hole in your pocket.

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