Is Wix a good option to create websites?

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Setting up a professional yet intriguing site is paramount for businesses today irrespective of their sizes. There are countless companies that are shifting online to reach more people and earn maximum revenue. Creating and launching a site is easy but making it stand out is where the challenge befalls. In order to make your website powerful, you would need a great website builder like Wix. This authoritative site builder allows you to develop highly responsive web pages that work seamlessly across all devices.

Although there are several Wix alternatives that exist in the market today such as Squarespace, GoDaddy, Weebly, etc., Wix is sufficient for building attractive websites with minimal effort. Let us have some intriguing features that come with using this powerful page builder. This will help you in making the right decision for your online business. Let’s get going!

Top 7 reasons to use Wix this year

Launched in 2006, Wix continues to be the leader in its domain and is gaining even more popularity each year globally. This is an immensely flexible web builder that enables users to create customized sites and add powerful features to them. This user-friendly CMS is preferred by seasonal as well as novices today due to its ease of use. Not only this, there are more reasons to use Wix as your website builder, let’s dive in!

1. Easy-to-use editor

Wix offers an easy-to-use editor that enables its users to build a site the way they want it. You can start building your start from scratch or open and use any premade designer template in this editor. You can easily use the drag-and-drop feature to add a diverse set of elements to your site such as texts, images, contact forms, and more. You can place these elements in any section of your website effortlessly.

2. Free of cost

The price of creating and maintaining a site using professional help doesn’t come cheap, it can roll thousands of dollars. Wix was created to help people build a website absolutely freely. You can utilize this web builder free of cost for the longest you want and create as many websites as you desire. You can upgrade to its premium version which lets users remove Wix ads, link their own domain, accept online payments, etc.

3. Supports eCommerce

Wix is the finest web builder for online stores. As there are no transaction fees involved in the eCommerce plan it is best for small businesses to get started with their site. This feature is very vital in Wix as such an attribute is not included in initial start plans.

4. Wide range of images and video backgrounds

Wix gives you access to a plethora of image galleries. Users are free to select photos and use them on your website without getting into copyright issues. Using an image editor, you can edit, alter, and use the photos on your website. Wix also offers using animated backgrounds on your site with videos. This video background option is one of the most fascinating features of this web builder.

5. No prior programming knowledge is needed

Anyone with a computer can use Wix to build appealing web pages. You can get top-class outcomes within less time frame. Users are not required to have prior web programming experience to write any code. The options and tools included in Wix allow its users to utilize this web builder effortlessly.

6. Advanced SEO tools and competences

To make your website rank higher on the search results, you need to ensure that the site is well-indexed and targets accurate keywords. The advanced SEO tools of Wix like personalized SEO plans and efficient analysis of the site help in improving its visibility on Google search results. However, SEO gets updated around the clock, so it is an endless process. Wix users don’t have to worry about this task because it checks this feature off by offering a fully optimized mobile-friendly version of your site.

7. In-built marketing tools

Wix allows you to reach a wide audience with its in-built marketing tools. You can also use Facebook ads for an improved experience. Users can also create videos for promoting their offerings. Also, showing how each of your products works to your audience is also simple with this web builder. This marketing tool is one of the greatest benefits that come with using Wix.

Wrap up

Wix offers an all-inclusive single platform to build highly responsive websites and efficiently manage your online business. It benefits businesses in terms of capturing leads, developing customer relationships, integrating payment gateways, and flourishing your business organically.  The ability to expand this platform makes it scalable which helps you foster long-lasting and sustainable partnerships. These all features speak volumes about Wix. This website builder offers a host of attributes for professionals from every walk of life.

After considering all the major attributes that Wix offers, it gives an amazing opportunity to its users for building an online store with amazing features. With Wix, you can easily manage all things from one place. There are many more advantages that come with using this web builder, you need to start using it to explore each for the betterment of your online business.

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