Interesting Instagram Facts And Figures [Infographic 2021]

Business on Instagram

It is fair to say that Instagram has been one of the most profound social networking sites available worldwide. Influencers and Social Media marketing agencies have been banking on the critical data and stats on Instagram to explore and opportunity.

As per the recorded data and stats USA, Brazil, and India are the leading countries with nearly 230 million users on this platform. Naturally, most brands have outreached these countries as top targets for marketing. When it comes to conversion rate, countries like Iceland, Sweden, and Kuwait have more than 55% of the currently using Instagram.

There is always a specific timing when engagement rates are more on Instagram. Data from all over the world suggest that Tuesdays and Thursdays have much better engagement rates than any other days. Instagram allows around 30 hashtags for each post, making it much better to reach out to people. So, here we have an awesome infographic to share with you from this source.

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