Insurance App Development: Essential Features to Include in a Mobile App

Insurance App Development

Nowadays, everyone spends most of their time on smartphones due to technological advancement and digital transformation. It makes sense to have apps that allow us to function productively in the virtual space. And one of the critical innovations in the finance industry is mobile apps. i.e., insurance and finance apps.

Managing policies, claims, customer and agent onboarding, are vital features that make auto, home, and health insurance apps accessible. Many people find insurance procedures complex, but apps have transformed this perception and optimized operation.                                    

Here’s a list of benefits an insurance app can provide.

  • An app can make a way of communication between a user and a company smoother, faster, and more effective
  • With the help of live chat support, Insurance app enables the agents to answer the questions and complete tasks on time, automatically.
  • Insurance agents get more time to spend on finding new clients with the insurance mobile app’s implementation.
  • It enables us to acquire new clients with the help of an advertisement in other applications.
  • The insurance app provides more opportunities to collect and process data.


Various kinds of Insurance apps depend upon the features and usability. Insurance mobile applications will vary based on the niche an insurance company operates in.

  • Car insurance apps
  • Health insurance apps
  • Travel insurance apps
  • Life insurance apps

Essential Features to Include in an Insurance mobile app

A right Insurance mobile app is one that is user friendly and also offers clarity and better user experience. Some features must entail in any Insurance mobile app, such as:


Thanks to apps, claims processing is no more extended subject to manual mistakes. An individual can click the pictures on the spot and upload them instantly for greater transparency.

Also, you can monitor the status of your claims. These features enable the users to contact the agent, get regular updates on any improvements, track your payments, and all of this under a single platform and pocket-sized device.

Manage Policies

Apps have entirely revolutionized how you can manage your insurance policies. A good Insurance mobile app will make it extremely easy to update the contact information or make any other modifications to making payments or even changing your system (depending on the company).

Insurance apps come with an easy to navigate menu and are user-friendly as making and updating tasks like policy management is an entirely smooth and hassle-free process.

Customer and Agent Onboarding

Another essential feature of Insurance apps is an agent and customer onboarding, as they are equally useful for both customers and agents. With the help of these features, agents & users need not meet in person to stay in touch and resolve all of their queries with an Insurance app.

This feature allows agents to address customers’ issues while on the move, and things like form-filling, verifications, etc., have also been simplified. Minor problems that would earlier require face-to-face interaction can now be solved through the app. It also boosts and increases customer engagement and loyalty.

File a claim

One of the most important features of the Insurance app is the benefit of filing a claim with the help of an app. It is the feature because of which most of the clients download a mobile insurance app. Filing a claim in case an insured event occurs is an intuitive and convenient process.

Otherwise, there’s almost no point in the application, particularly in the case of car accidents or home robberies, where everything ought to be managed rapidly and proficiently.

A customer ought to have the option to enter all important data effectively, ideally on a single screen. It would be a reward if users get access to take photographs directly from the application.

This element will prove to be useful for vehicle and property insurance. Also, customers can take pictures with their mobile phone’s camera and upload them to the mobile insurance app and file a claim.

Payment processing

By incorporating an installment feature into your portable application, you free customers’ time. With in-application installments, there’s no requirement for a customer to go to the bank or even open a banking application and fill in strategy subtleties; they don’t have to make another stride and go to your organization site to pay.

It makes for better client experience: tap two or multiple times to make an installment directly in the wake of picking a protection strategy. To make it surprisingly better, you can permit clients to set up programmed installments.

24*7 Customer support

One of the most renowned features of any technological gadget is Customer chat and its 24*7 availability. Clients might have a car accident at any time of the day. Actually, nighttime accidents are more common.

Besides, some people work odd hours. Moreover, a few people work odd hours. This feature also enables the clients to use an in-app calling facility or access to request a call from a customer service executive or specialist.


One of the most effective ways to reach out to customers is to push notifications. Customers like to know how to claim processing is going. Or if you’re offering any limited-time discounts. They also want to get notified about approaching payments, so they don’t find themselves accidentally without active insurance.

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