Instagram might roll out moderators in live video streaming

Instagram video streaming

Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms. The app is a must-have even for businesses since it gives them great exposure and enables them to share their product with millions of users worldwide.

The Facebook-owned app has been adding a slew of features to stay updated with the latest trends, according to recent reports Instagram seems to be considering adding moderators to live video streaming.

Moderators in live video streaming

Photo, as well as a video-sharing service For the first time, Instagram is said to be working on a tool that will allow creators to add moderators to live video streams.

A credible, source, was able to get the new functionality up and running, collecting screenshots along the way. The feature looks to be quite simple, as it simply allows for the selection of a single moderator per stream. That moderator only looks to be capable of managing comments, though you’d think the ability to kick or block people would be included in their armory. This will also limit any inappropriate data sharing going on the live.

It’s unclear when this functionality will be available to users all over the world, but Instagram wants its app to be the greatest iPhone app for streaming live video, and it’s making sure that creators have the tools they need to do so.

Summing Up

Everything could change before Instagram flips the switch that gives everyone access to live stream moderators, as is always the case with things that are spied ahead of time. It’s also possible that the feature will be removed entirely, so don’t get your hopes up until Instagram or Meta make an official announcement.

That said, it seems like a no-brainer that such a service would be extremely advantageous to those who use the site to live broadcast material — to the point where one moderator seems like a restriction that would need to be increased at some point. Especially for the more well-known creators.

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