Independent Advice on New Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

A Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) is a vehicle that has been particularly developed to carry persons who use wheelchairs on public transportation. People who use wheelchairs, as well as their family and caretakers, should be able to travel more safely, more conveniently, and with less difficulty if they utilize wheeled accessible vehicles.

WAVs are particularly intended to fulfill the needs of wheelchair users, and they provide a variety of benefits to wheelchair users and their way of life as a result. Automobiles can be changed into drive configurations by removing a wheelchair, a front passenger seat, or a second or third row of seats.

Aside from that, each vehicle is tailored to the specific needs of the patient’s wheelchair, whether it is a manual or electric model, as well as their transportation preferences and requirements. Learn more on this link

If you’d like to learn more about how acquiring a WAV may significantly improve the quality of life for those who use wheelchairs, keep reading:

More independence and freedom

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

It is possible to have long and uncomfortable waiting periods for wheelchair-accessible taxis or Ubers, and some modes of public transit have restricted seating space for wheelchair users. A WAV allows you to travel nearly anywhere while remaining in the comfort of your own home or office environment.

When wheelchair users are able to drive themselves, they have a better sense of freedom than when they must rely on a close member or a nurse to carry them anywhere they need to go. The activities of caregivers are made significantly simpler as a consequence, local trips such as traveling to the shop or pharmacy become less time-consuming and more easily accessible.

Wheelchair users who own their own WAV can self-isolate in preparation for when they need to go to critical medical appointments, which is particularly beneficial in the current COVID climate.

Less stress and discomfort

It may be laborious, risky, and uncomfortable for both the passenger and the caretaker to transfer a wheelchair user into a vehicle that is not specifically equipped for wheelchair users in many situations.

It is the objective of WAVs to make the operation as smooth as possible by eliminating the need for any transfers from the wheelchair to the seat during the treatment itself. This not only prevents wheelchair users from enduring needless, repeated pressure on their wrists and shoulders, but it also resolves concerns about occupational health and safety in the workplace as well. Read more on this page.

Save both time and energy

Despite the fact that you may have mastered the art of getting yourself or a wheelchair user in and out of a car, as well as folding and packaging the wheelchair, the process may still need a substantial amount of time and energy.

In order to make your life easier, we have ramps and lifts available, which will help you to regain some of the effort and time you might have otherwise spent on less important chores during the day. If you need to get somewhere quickly and safely, you can count on a WAV being ready and waiting for you when you get there.


WAVs are vehicles that have been expressly developed to fulfill the highest safety standards for carrying people who use wheelchairs. They are also adapted to the unique wheelchair user in order to ensure that they are able to safely access and depart the vehicle as necessary.

Equipment provided within a WAV is meant to reduce the likelihood of injury to both the wheelchair passenger and the caregiver who is accompanying them. In addition, a wheelchair docking mechanism can be fitted, providing a more user-friendly option to restraining devices that must be applied manually.

When you choose to travel by WAV, you can be certain that you are selecting one of the safest forms of transportation on the market today.

Possibilities for Employment

In the event that you ride your bike to work and rely on public transit to go to your place of employment, trains and buses can be quite crowded, especially during rush hours; in the event that you travel by train, you must make a reservation in advance in order to obtain assistance.

The fact that you must fight your way through the throngs of people to get to the wheelchair users’ seats, only to learn that they have already been occupied by an able-bodied passenger who must be moved, is another source of frustration.

Choosing one of the new WAVs makes it easier to find job, which might lead to a higher salary as well as more self-esteem in the long term. Socially, they may also make it easier to maintain your ties with coworkers outside of the job, which may be beneficial.

Improved interactions with others

They not only make everyday duties like as going to work or going shopping easier, but they also allow you to visit friends and family at any time of day and from any location, allowing you to maintain your social network while maintaining your freedom. It is helpful to socialize since being around by pleasant friends and family members improves one’s mood and contributes to a greater overall sense of fulfillment with one’s life.

Possibilities for physical activity

Additional independence is also helpful to physical and mental health since it opens the door to more opportunities to be fit and healthy, such as taking up a new sport or joining a sports club.

Activities for wheelchair users are many, and many of them have major health benefits, such as elevating your heart rate and boosting endorphin production, which are both beneficial to your overall health. In addition to going to the gym and engaging in cardiovascular activities such as swimming and track events (like wheelchair sprinting), basketball, netball, badminton, and bowling are also available.

As your physical strength grows, you may want to explore combining a vacation with an athletic activity, such as attending a summer camp, in order to get the most out of your experience.

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