6 Most Popular Cryptocurrencies in 2022


Cryptocurrencies are gaining more popularity with each passing day. However, which ones are the most popular? Let us find out.

#1 Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a cryptocurrency created as a hard fork of Bitcoin but developed as an independent protocol and blockchain.

The main difference between BCH and BTC is block size; the BCH developers increased the block size to 32MB, which means more transactions per second can be processed by the network. However, these larger blocks can make it more difficult for individuals running full nodes to participate in verifying transactions on the network. That also makes it easier for certain types of attacks that could prevent users from accessing their funds.

Although similar protocols are used for both coins, Bitcoin Cash is incompatible with Bitcoin at a software level. Once you send your coin to someone else’s wallet, you won’t be able to access those coins again unless they return them to you.

At the time of writing, 1 BCH is worth approximately $484 USD/€406 EUR/£353 GBP/¥5217 CNY/₽31545 RUB/¥6370 JPY, depending on which exchange platform or data provider you use.

#2 Chainlink

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that connects blockchain-based smart contracts to real-world data, events, and payment networks. You can use Chainlink as a bridge between your smart contracts and any off-chain API calls.

You can also use the Chainlink network to create secure, reliable; tamperproof price feeds for cryptocurrencies across many different blockchains. So, you can build applications where all participants in a distributed system agree upon prices. The best part? These applications will continue to work even if part of the network goes down.

#3 Polkadot

Polkadot is a cryptocurrency and blockchain protocol. The project was created by Gavin Wood, who also co-founded Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency. The Polkadot platform is designed to improve interoperability amongst blockchain networks. It’s a unique protocol that allows users to host their projects on the Polkadot network or even run their blockchains using shards from the network. 

#4 Solana (SOL)

Now let us talk about what SOL is, how to buy SOL, and why you should buy SOL.

What is SOL?

Solana is a new blockchain platform that has been designed to solve problems of scaling and speed. It has been developed as a high-performance, permissionless blockchain platform and uses an innovative Consensus Algorithm called Proof of History (PoH) to achieve higher transaction speeds than other blockchains. Solana also has much lower latency, making it possible for more users to be online at the same time.

SOL is the native cryptocurrency token on the Solana blockchain, which was launched in March 2020. There will be 446 million SOL tokens issued on the Solana blockchain with a maximum supply of 466 million SOL tokens. So far, more than 420 million SOL tokens are in circulation on the network.

How to buy Solana?

You can buy SOL on popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Once you have some Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can use these funds to purchase SOL coins directly from your cryptocurrency wallet using an exchange. 

#5 KuCoin Shares

KuCoin Shares is the token underlying the KuCoin exchange. The more you trade on the exchange, the more KCS you accumulate (and other cryptocurrencies, depending on your trading volume).

Being one of the top exchanges in Asia and having some innovative features like Staking and a referral program, it is by no means a surprise to see KuCoin at number 10 on our list.

KuCoin has also been actively adding new coins to its platform, another reason for its recent rise in popularity. This growth will be expected to continue, especially if they keep adding new coins that are not yet registered with any other large exchanges.

If KCS continues to increase its market share among cryptocurrency exchanges and grow its user base, this is just another sign that KCS is going to be huge by 2022.

#6 Ren (REN)

As one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in 2022, Ren (REN) has a lot going for it. It is built on Stellar, a decentralized crypto platform with a good track record. As of October 2020, there are over 1 billion REN tokens in circulation — and that number is rising fast.

Ren is an interoperability protocol that enables the transfer of digital assets between blockchains. In other words, it lets you convert your tokens from any blockchain to any other blockchain (Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain (BSC), for example).

It solves a bunch of problems at once, like high fees on Ethereum, liquidity issues from different networks, and privacy concerns with custodial services.

Why should you buy REN? Its biggest strength is its interoperability — you can move your crypto around in ways that aren’t possible on many chains today. That could be huge as we head into a future where there are hundreds of blockchains with millions of users worldwide. The price will only rise as more and more people discover this token and understand what it does.

That is all you need to know about 2022’s best cryptos. As you trade, you will discover more things about them.

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