In what industries is silicone used?

Chemical Industry

The special characteristics of our silicone and its high quality standards allow it to be used in various different industries. This multidisciplinarity and versatility allows silicone to shine internationally, it has many more years ahead of it ! Continue reading our article to discover more about this flagship product and its various uses.

The electrical Industry

Silicones are also useful in the electrical industry, as they help make this industry more robust. As you already know, electricity is everywhere and we basically need it every day whether it’s for transportation, lighting, information or even eating. All these devices are made possible thanks to electricity and the components that make it up, and it is imperative that they be protected against anything that could harm them, such as water, dust, heat or fire. In terms of protection, silicones are the preferred materials, whether for coating or encapsulating the components. Silicone as a potting material for electronic components is very useful. If you are looking for this kind of protection, Elkem, a professional company in the sector, offers a wide range.

The aerospace Industry

Silicone products are widely used in the aerospace and aviation industries due to their exceptional ability to withstand incredible physical force. Silicone rubbers are used in many aspects of aircraft and spacecraft assembly and maintenance. Supplied in a variety of forms, silicone is used to seal and protect items such as: windows, doors, wings, carry-on compartments, wing edges, instrument panels, air ducts, seals in engine systems and electrical wiring.

The automotive Industry

Automotive parts made of silicone have the strength and durability needed. Silicone’s excellent weather ability extends the life of components, making them more resistant to weathering and chemical attack. Elements last longer and overall maintenance and repair costs are lower. Silicones help provide cushioning, vibration damping and padding to car seats, panels and interiors, improving driving comfort. Silicone is used in a wide range of automotive applications including: airbags, engine seals, headlights, ignition cables, high temperature cables, bushings, radiator seals and hoses, shock absorbers, spark plugs and air vents.

The construction Industry

The use of silicone products in the construction industry allows building materials to perform better and longer. Silicone profiles and gaskets mounted on glass, steel and plastic provide excellent sealing, noise and vibration dampening properties, in addition to protecting the gaskets and materials from moisture, heat, corrosion, sunlight, UV rays and chemical exposure. There is a wide range of materials available today for the construction industry. Silicone is ideal for sealing joints, such as window seals and anti-vibration joints. Flame retardant and low-smoke silicones are used where safety is paramount, such as in public places. It is also possible to create and test a silicone product design and prototype to meet your specific needs.

In addition to above-mentioned industries, silicone is also used in the production of household appliances, in the oil-petroperating industry, in medicine or in furniture production.

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