9 Important Things You Need to Do Every Month for Your Blog

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If you are just jumping into the online world of blogging…it is important to remember a few things that you will need to do to your blog every month to keep it in tip top shape. When a blog is properly maintained, it will run more smoothly for those who visit and read your blog.

Here is a list of things you need to do to your blog every month.

  1. Backup – Your blog should be backed up and saved to your hard drive a minimum of once per month. If your blog should ever crash or if it ever gets hacked…you will be able to upload a current version of it and get it back up online quickly.
  2. Check your blog’s load time. I like to check my blog’s load time every month. You want to make sure your pages are loading quickly and properly because your readers will not sit and wait for 3 minute page loads. If your blog is loading slowly, trying condensing your graphics or removing some advertisements…doing these two things will usually fix the problem.
  3. Check your blog’s Google Page Rank & Alexa Rating. You can do this by going to Google.com and Alexa.com. I like to keep an eye on my blog’s ranking in various search engines…of course the higher your blog ranks, the better for your blog.
  4. Check for broken links. If you are exchanging links with other web sites on your blog, you need to check for broken or no longer active links on a monthly basis.
  5. Check for expired ads. You will find that the majority of bloggers these days do accept various forms of advertising on their blogs. You need to remove all expired ads on a monthly basis to make room for new advertisers.
  6. Check your site’s stat counter & traffic reports. I recommend that all bloggers install a stat counter onto their blog. These stat counters will tell you how many people are visiting your blog on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. These stat counters will also tell you how your blog visitor got there so that you will know what forms of advertising are working for you to get visitors to come over to read your blog.
  7. Check for swiped content.There are various sites online that can help you detect if anyone has swiped content from your blog. You can sign up for Google Alerts or Copy Gator and be alerted when someone posts your content onto their site without your permission.
  8. Affiliate marketing. If you are doing any type of Affiliate Marketing on your blog, it is important to rotate your banner and button ads on a monthly basis to keep the advertisements fresh.
  9. Blog Comments. If you are not moderating the comments that are left by readers of your blog, it is important to take a look at them on a monthly basis. You will want to make sure that no spammer or scammer comments slipped through the cracks.

There are more things you should be doing to your blog on a monthly basis but I feel these 9 items should be at the top of every good blogger’s list. Keeping your blog updated and in tip top shape ensures that those who visit and read your blog will keep returning to read your new updated blog content.

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