How to make an effective content strategy


Content marketing can only be achieved with a well-defined plan. This article will teach you how to develop the strategy you want to implement and how to plan it.

A Content plan (CP) is a clearly defined list of publications to be used on websites or blogs. It usually includes responses to the following questions

  • What topics should we post? – A list of topics and content formats.
  • Who should we write for? Which audience should we focus on?
  • Why should we publish? The goal of every publication.

But to build an effective content strategy it is necessary to examine the issue in a different way, which is the next step.

If you own a website that is already appearing in search results and you want to boost traffic, reach your intended audience and sell more services or products A content strategy will be necessary.

We often develop a strategy to keep everything in order and we have many ideas for publication on the website or blog.

How do you develop a content strategy?

Do you have ever considered the creation of a content strategy, but weren’t sure how? Are you looking for the most effective method to create a content plan? Then we’ll tell you right away! So, let’s begin.

What is the reason we require a content strategy?

Content plans are a document designed to make it easier for you. A content plan typically includes the topics and deadlines for articles along with information regarding the contents of the text and the person who wrote it, and the person responsible for its production. This document can help you to reduce the time spent trying to find new content and make sure that content is published regularly for your target audience.

How do you determine your target audience?

Your target audience (TA), is your potential customers. They usually share common characteristics and an interest in buying the product/service or solving a specific problem.

The target audience can be split into two groups:

  1. Customer Core: Customers who order products and services regularly from you.
  2. Primar: People with slightly different requirements
  3. Secondary: those who are not your target audience, but who could be a potential buyer for your product.

To determine your market and create a successful offering to each of these three groups make use of audience segmentation. This refers to the grouping of an audience into groups with similar or shared features.

To accomplish this, we employ the 5W (five reasons) method. It includes five questions:

  • When? What are the conditions under which an individual can purchase your product?
  • Where? Where can customers purchase your product?
  • Who? Who will purchase your product?
  • What? What product do you have to offer for each group of people? What kind of product?
  • Why? Reasons for the purchase of items by consumers. What are the factors that can motivate a buyer to purchase?

It is also recommended to include additional information:

  • Why should they purchase your product/order your service? Why should they not choose your competitors?
  • Identification of gender, age, income, status, profession.
  • The way the audience is spending their time (forums and social networks etc.).
  • How can your product assist your client with their issues? What issues can be resolved?
  • What could your product be connected to? What emotions does it invokes? Your product or service could be making the customer feel healthy, fit, or enhance their status.

Once you’ve analyzed the target market then you are able to create a content plan for the website. This will assist you to determine what topics are the most relevant and beneficial.

What content should we publish? What should we post?

Another question that is important is: What topic should you write about? You will eventually be unable to come up with ideas, and you’ll think about where to write about next. We’re going to share the secrets to idea generation with you!

Competitive analysis

There is a lot you can learn from your competition. Here are some points to be aware of:

  • offers an analysis of search queries. All you need to do is type in the correct word, and you’ll get hundreds of questions
Competitive analysis
  • Keywords that generate more traffic. Make use of Semrush to study your competitors’ keywords.
  • Links. Ahrefs is an excellent tool. It will let you discover which pages are the most popular on your competitor’s website and the pages that users go to to get there. This may inspire your imagination and assist you to analyze the topics and content your intended audience is attracted to and the reasons why they visit your rivals.

It’s not difficult to change the way people do it. This is a common error made by almost everyone.

For instance, a marketing or SEO website has an article on how to gather a semantic core. The content may not be original, but instead simply rewrites of the same article. The content may not be as popular among users.

Stop doing it! This isn’t like taking an exam at school and taking each other’s work and copying it. In addition, there’s a way out of this scenario: prior to writing, check for a similar topic on your competitors’ websites. Stop thinking about writing something similar to it if they already have it. Use it in case you don’t.


The idea is this: the participants (at minimum three people) get together at a table (or have an online chat) and sketch out the concepts. The most important thing is to refrain from asking clarifying questions or questioning the validity of ideas at first. The entire process may turn into an unstructured mess.

It is important to include people who aren’t yet familiar with the project in the brainstorming process because they have new perspectives and have unbiased opinions.

Brainstorming Rules:

  • Write down ideas or log them in Google Sheets.
  • Keep your imagination alive.
  • Don’t forbid anything.
  • Find your spark.

What would the content strategy look like?

This is what the most essential sections of the content plan must include:

  • Date of posting.
  • Format.
  • Outstanding content is what this post or article is about.
  • Headline, publication theme.
  • A specific task for specialists.
  • Notice box (e.g. hashtags or the indication of a specific segment of the audience, data on statistics).
content marketing

Content mistakes that can be made when creating a plan

  • It is impossible to work with no purpose. You must be aware of what you are looking for. Set a specific deadline for building a content plan and determine the content requirements for text and other content that is published.
  • There is no need to do anything provocative. There is something that you’re able to connect with even in the most mundane subjects. Create a new idea, address a problem differently than your competitors have created for the audience you are targeting. Be honest in your writing.
  • Not monitoring all inbound links to your articles with services such as Linkbox backlink software.
  • Not analyzing things. With poor market analysis, your content won’t be able to reach your intended audience. That means you’ve wasted your time and finances, and your content plan needs to be reshaped by incorporating new keywords.
  • Writing on a topic you’ve not done any research on. Imagine being amnesiac for one month, and then having to collect and resume your previous knowledge. If you are reading the article, you must ensure that you completely understand the information. Try to explain everything to the reader in simple language, as if you were speaking to a person.
  • Don’t give up. Sometimes, it appears as if all the topics are discussed and there’s no interest. Keep moving forward, and don’t stop. Don’t be afraid to take deeper. If you are aware that you’ve reached the limit of your field, you should diversify your offerings and increase your reach through the introduction of new subjects.
  • Establishing a clear purpose. You may not give specific instructions to the copywriter. This could cause problems in the quality, uniqueness, and relevancy of your content. This could negatively affect the site’s promotion and your customers or readers.

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