How to Hire a Cold Caller


A qualified cold caller is the key to the success of cold calling services. Without utilizing the proper steps of hiring cold callers, companies may end up with low-quality agents, which in turn impacts business growth.

Hiring a cold caller involves several steps to ensure you find the right candidate who aligns with the company’s goals and can effectively represent the brand. 

Throughout the hiring process, emphasize the importance of aligning the candidate’s values, skills, and approach with the company’s objectives. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to hire a cold caller.

Define the Role

The first step of hiring a cold caller is outlining the responsibilities, objectives and expectations according to the company’s needs. The requirements may vary from company to company. 

Before you start the hiring process, note down your requirements precisely. Highlight the critical tasks, such as lead generation, appointment setting, or sales outreach. 

Also, define which type of cold caller you want. Cold calling virtual assistants or offering on-site jobs. Because these services need specific skilled workers, applicants with the right skills can apply for the job.

Create a Job Description

Once you are done defining the role, it is time to create a detailed job description. The description includes the roles, responsibilities, required skills (e.g., excellent communication, sales skills, persistence), experience level, and any specific industry knowledge desired.

Also, mention the allowance you are offering, working hours, facilities, rules and regulations. This will filter out most unqualified applicants and simplify your hiring process.

Advertise the Position

Now, it is time to post the job on relevant platforms. You can post on job boards, social media, and freelancing platforms like LinkedIn, Fiverr, or any industry-specific forum. This will help you reach a wide range of people and find suitable candidates. 

Sometimes, paid ads can help you if you are interested in spending money on promoting your vacancy posting. 

Develop Interview Questions

Prepare interview questions so you can deep down the candidate’s experience in cold calling their skills and qualify the suitable candidates. 

Since you want to hire a cold caller, the employee must be able to handle objections, have excellent soft skills and know how to approach a personalized interaction. 

Cold callers need to be very patient while handling many daily calls. You can conduct a small test to see their patience and abilities in such a situation. 

Review Resumes and Applications

When you publish the vacancy post, you will come across a lot of resumes. Not all of them are suitable, so you need to filter out the unqualified ones. 

For this screen, resumes and applications are used to identify candidates who possess the required skills and experience. You can prioritize the experienced ones and also give chances to the newbies. Freshers often process many updated skills that can make them better cold callers.

Conduct Interviews

Interviews are necessary to understand the candidate’s persona and choose the fit for the role. You can either arrange a physical interview session or a virtual one. 

You can better understand their skills by talking to them directly, like how they communicate. Ask them some critical questions to know their ability to handle immediate situations. 

Give them tasks on how they may start a conversation as a cold caller. Tell them your requirements, commitments they need to fill out, and current legal regulations.

Role-play or Simulations

If you are done with the interview session, then you will still end up with several qualified candidates. In such cases, role-play or simulation can help you to choose the ultimate agents. Arrange a small session of cold calling. 

Your other agents may play the role of customer and start the test. They can ask questions like the original customers ask often and see the ability to face objections. Also, you can gain insight into their approach, confidence, and adaptability.

Check References

References provided by the candidates can help you know about their authenticity, work ethic, previous performance or suitability. But do a bit of research while contacting the references, as they need to be authentic to know the originality of the applicants.

If applicants give references from their previous office, it is a plus. Contact them and ask for feedback, the reason why they left the job, their unique ability, and so on.

Offer and Onboarding

You can extend the offer outlining the terms and conditions. Let the candidates become familiar with the work environment, culture, workloads, responsibilities, etc. Also, let them know about the company, the success rate, the future goals, and many more.

Sometimes it is better to arrange a training session for the freshers. This can help improve their skill and familiarity with their duties. Either you can give direct training or let them work as an assistant with the experienced ones for a while.

This type of training session is equally essential for experienced employees and those newly joining your company to polish their skills.

Identify Key Traits and Skills

Lastly, your employees need to possess better skills to withstand the competitors. So, this point is not mandatory but can help you better for success. You can determine the top qualities that make a successful cold caller even better. 

Try to find people with the skills below,

  • Callers must be persistent.
  • Possess positivity since it is essential to be a successful cold caller.
  • Ability to conduct profound research, especially before making a call.
  • Ability to stay calm.
  • Quick thinking or immediate brainstorming.
  • Can generate leads by hooking up with the opening.


Hiring a cold caller can be challenging, but if appropriately done, it will significantly impact your cold calling service center. 

There are a lot of cold callers out there searching for jobs, and not all of them are qualified. But before you reach them, try to identify the needs and requirements you want from your workers.

Then, post the job, share it on different platforms and filter out the resumes. Right after the interview session, then follow up the training session with the selected ones. And then you are good to go.

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