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Cooperation with Instagram influencers can become a real gold mine, attracting valuable clients, but only if many nuances are taken into account, such as the right selection of influencers. It is not enough just to find accounts with a large number of subscribers — it is also necessary to analyze the audience and statistics, agree on the cost and perform a number of other steps.

In the article, we have compiled a practical guide for choosing the right Instagram influencer for your product, and also analyzed the key steps that should not be forgotten when launching a campaign.

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1. Identify the target audience

First you need to figure out who your main target audience is and what is typical for this group of people. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Study the main characteristics of the product or service. What makes your offer unique? It can be price, functionality, quality, style or even environmental friendliness. If you understand what needs your product meets and what problems it solves, it will help you focus on the right audience.
  • Determine the demographic characteristics of your clients
  • Your client has its own demographic characteristics, such as age, gender, marital status, education, profession, income level, etc. This portrait will help identify suitable influencers for collaboration. Do not ignore this analysis — the right audience can increase the effectiveness of the advertisement.

2. Evaluate the interests of your audience

In addition to demography, it is important to understand the psychographic characteristics of the target audience. Their interests, values, purchase motives, lifestyle and preferences play a big role in their consumer behavior.

4. Consider the location

Your strategy can be targeted at a local, regional, national or even international audience, depending on your goals and resources. Understanding this will help you choose those influencers whose followers are located in the geographical area you need.

5. Segment the target audience

Depending on the characteristics of your product, it is advisable to divide your audience into segments. This will allow you to more accurately target specific groups of potential customers and select suitable influencers for each segment.

By understanding who your target audience is, you will quickly find an influencer who will meet your expectations and interests.

Study influencers

Choosing the right influencer is half the success. Remember that there is no universal influencer suitable for everyone. Let’s go through the process of choosing the perfect Instagram influencer for your brand.

Step 1: Influencer’s Audience Analysis

Study the influencer’s account and audience. Pay attention to demographic characteristics such as age, gender, education, as well as interests and geographical distribution of subscribers. Give preference to those, whose audience matches your target group and is likely to be interested in your product.

If you don’t have the time or experience to check everything yourself, then you can use special services to check influencers, such as This is a miracle platform where Instagram influencers are already gathered in one catalog and are ready to cooperate with you. All advertisers need to do is sort influencers by the right category, post the task and launch the integration. In the catalog of such platforms, you can use convenient filters and sort influencers by niche, number of subscribers, coverage, price, etc. The undeniable benefit of the platform is that all accounts of influencers upon registration go through manual checks for fake followers and statistics. So, all registered influencers have genuine statistics and prices, which means that you can not encounter fake accounts (which can be a problem if you are manually searching for influencers on Instagram).

Influencer's statistics

Influencer’s statistics in

What is more, if you simply do not have time for launching a campaign yourself and control influencers, managers can do it for you. Advertisers can choose one of the ready packages and platform managers will select influencers according to your campaign goals, provide them with tasks, control publications and send you campaign results. All these are happening in one platform on the same page, so you can always access it and make changes if needed. also protects users from fraud with “safe deals”. In case the influencer hasn’t published Stories according to the terms of reference, the money will be returned to the advertiser’s account. The service provides the necessary closing up documents, which is convenient for the accounting department.

Step 2: Content Quality Assessment

Analyze the content of the influencers to assess its quality. Original, exciting and high-quality content will attract the attention of your target audience more. Also pay attention to how the influencer’s content is consistent with the style and image of your brand.

Step 3: Audience Engagement

Study the engagement of the influencers’ audience. Comments, likes, reposts and other indicators of followers activity can indicate the trust of the audience. However, be careful if the influencer has a suspiciously high level of engagement — this may indicate cheating.

Step 4: Research previous advertising campaigns

Take a look at the influencers’ past advertising campaigns and their collaboration with other brands. This will help assess what results they have been able to achieve and will help determine if they can repeat their success with your product.

Here can also be a great helper. Many influencers, who have already done one or more campaigns through the platform have the reviews. This makes your choice of an influencer easier and secure.

instajet campaigns

Step 5: Price Policy Comparison

Compare the cost of cooperation with various influencers based on your budget. Consider all possible costs: not only the cost of an advertising post or video, but also possible additional costs for promotion, content creation, organization of joint events.

Determine the price/quality ratio and select the influencers offering the best value for your budget and marketing purposes. Use metrics such as CPC (cost per click), CPL (cost of leads), CPM (cost per thousand impressions) to assess the profitability of cooperation.

Step 6. Review reviews and reputation

Researching reviews of influencers from other companies and advertisers can provide important information about their reputation. This will help you understand how reliable and professional they are, and assess the likelihood of successful cooperation.

Step 7. Personal communication and interaction

Contact the influencers you are interested in and discuss the possibilities of cooperation, conditions and your expectations. Their level of communication and openness to dialogue can be key factors in choosing.

Following these seven steps, you will be able to conduct a full research and choose the right influencer to promote your brand.

Set a budget

Setting a budget is also a key stage in the process of choosing an influencer to promote your product. Here are some important aspects to consider:

  • Budget calculation: Determine how much of the total marketing budget you are willing to spend on cooperation with influencers.
  • Evaluation of the cost of cooperation with influencers: Research the cost of services of various influencers, taking into account their popularity, audience engagement and previous experience.
  • Types of payment: Consider different types of payment – a fixed amount, a percentage of sales, barter, or a combination of them.
  • The cost of creating content: When taking into account the budget, do not forget about the cost of creating content, such as video production, photo shoots, writing articles, and so on, if your team is going to do it.
  • Content distribution costs: In addition to paying an influencer, your budget should include the costs of distributing and promoting content on social networks or other platforms. This may include buying advertising spaces, paying for the services of agencies or promotion specialists.
  • Budget monitoring and analysis: Systematic monitoring and analysis of the costs of cooperation with influencers is important to control costs, identify problematic areas and optimize the budget to achieve better results.
  • Monitoring results and evaluating effectiveness: Regular evaluation of the effectiveness of cooperation with influencers, tracking indicators such as reach, audience engagement, conversions and sales, will allow you to assess the compliance of costs and the results obtained. It also makes it possible to adjust the budget and promotion strategy in accordance with the results.

Taking into account all these aspects will help you create a realistic and effective budget, which will maximize the return on investment in product promotion.

Rate the influencer’s work

After a thorough analysis of the collected data, it’s time to assess how successful the influencer’s choice was. If you are not satisfied with the results, do not be afraid to look for new ways. Maybe you should try collaborating with other influencers or change your approach to current strategy.

Exchange reviews with an influencer

Don’t forget to share your findings with the influencer. Together, discuss possible ways to improve collaboration, make changes to the strategy. Open dialogue and joint campaign planning will help you achieve better results..

In conclusion, finding the perfect influencer for advertising is like solving a complex but fascinating puzzle. This process requires an analytical approach, creativity and planning. If you want to succeed in this task, be sure of the quality of the selected influencers.

The cooperation with the perfect influencer for your product will benefit not only your brand, but also your customers.

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