How to effectively manage multiple social media accounts?

Social Media Strategy

Social media have become an important part of everyone’s life. In addition, social media has grown its importance in the field of digital marketing too. Businesses who make the proper use of it has the potential of growing at a faster rate in comparison to others who don’t.Manage multiple social media accounts in one place for a seamless, efficient, and consistent online presence. Simplify your digital life!

Social media helps to reach a targeted and at the same time a large number of audience. Promoting through it helps a company or service to generate more leads and convert more sales.

Talking about management of several social media accounts then, following some protocols can really help manage multiple accounts. Below mentioned some protocols for efficient maintenance.

1) Create attractive contents

Well in this competitive world, doing something different from the competitor is very important. As an owner of many accounts, one really has to bring out the creatively to survive in this advancing marketing. Well, websites such as Canva etc. can really help design attractive posts.

2) Create Brand awareness

Almost above 90% of marketers say that promoting brands through social media gives a better conversion and brand awareness. Creating brand awareness thus gives visibility to the brands and lets people know on what topic it’s all about.

3) Increases brand authority

Multiple accounts mean exposure to many, but people only stick to the brands when they are satisfied. Using multiple social accounts, people can interlink their brands and thus creates trust among the customers.

It thus helps to create a positive image among customers which thus helps to increase conversions.

4) Content Calendar

We may try our best to do things our way, but there are times when we might forget some things especially running multiple accounts. The traditional way was the cross off thing in the paper calendar but with multiple accounts, that’s not much effective. We can easily create calendars through dropbox or any application and schedule our work accordingly.

5) Tracking audience activity

No matter multiple or single account, tracking the activity of customers is important as it gives a lot of information. In the case of multiple accounts, one can check out the activity and behavior of multiple customers and promote business accordingly.

Well despite all above-mentioned techniques, the work of managing multiple social accounts may be tiresome. The workload is much high here and people sometimes may run out of time in many cases. For ease, there are many tools which help us to schedule post and also manage some social accounts. Some tools are mentioned below.


It is one of the most popular tools to manage social accounts. People can schedule up to 30 posts here and also manage up to 3 social accounts.

With the help of its some features, one can easily set a reminder and manage accordingly.


Buffer is almost similar to Hootsuite and has been the preferred tool for social media management for quite a long time. With its free plan even, one can easily schedule contents and manage up to three social accounts. With its paid plan comes some advance features which help to manage multiple accounts for organizations too.


It has a good range of features and also helps to analyze the activity. Talking about social accounts than several platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest can be managed through it. This tools also have the ability to schedule blog posts. Upgrading this tool to a paid plan gives a wide range of facilities of managing various accounts well the free version is good too at the initial level.


TweetDeck, as the name goes, is a tool to manage multiple twitter accounts. Well, it’s not an all in one social media tool but if looking to manage and grow twitter accounts that this tool is really great. TweetDeck lets to use custom timelines, managing twitter list and searches, and also help to add team accounts.


Although there are other tools too for managing social accounts, the above-mentioned tools are amongst the popular and also at the same time gives the best results. Managing multiple accounts is indeed a tiresome job but with the help of social media strategy and techniques, one can ease the work to a large extent.

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  1. All the tips given in this article are very informative and I was just finding that because I want to grow my shoes selling a business on Instagram and for sure I will try these tips.

  2. Perfect definition and depth information about social media marketing. I am also marketer and to be honest good content and writing style. Keep posting.

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