How To Be An Influencer On Linkedin

Influencer On Linkedin

For many years, LinkedIn has let celebrities like Larry Page, Warren Buffett or Bill Gates to use LinkedIn for sharing inspiring thought and provoking articles. So, let’s see how to be an Influencer On Linkedin.

In 2015, LinkedIn opened the doors of publishing platform among all users in the English speaking countries.

And now with same LinkedIn Publishing Platform, you can do the same as they do – essentially becoming the ‘Great Influencer’ of your industry.

The feature was made in an attempt to get more page views and this is a way to have more users spend more time on the website.

As a influencer profile you get benefit of below things:

  1. You can post long articles of various topics and videos which LinkedIn will share with your network.
  2. You will get a follow button that will be next to your name. Though people aren’t connected, they will receive updates also.
  3. Among LinkedIn’s 350 million members, you will become a trusted expert.

So, what does it take to become a Influencer On Linkedin?

1. Organize a great content and share:

It takes a lots of effort to gain influencer status on LinkedIn. You need to invest more time in creating a good content and sharing other’s content which is relevant to your industry. As a result this will help you to build influence because your content will gradually start doing it for you.

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2. Produce long form content:

When you’re publishing your content, take a closer look at your article and see how they can be improved to reach a wide range of audience.

And of course, you can’t become a good influencer by publishing long posts alone, but it is definitely a stepping stone also.
When you are creating any post that appear on your LinkedIn profile, so it is vital to have well-structured and written also.

Keep your articles more informative and conversational while teaching, empowering and helping others.

3. Make your followers:

LinkedIn publishing platform provides you an opportunity to get more followers and also follow other members who publish on the network also.
This lets you interact with users who are interested in similar topics as you.

A good way to get followers is to follow other influencers on LinkedIn. You can learn many things and understand the kind of content they publish to gain more followers.

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4. Keep blogging:

Publish your post on LinkedIn as a regular basis. Don’t make your linkedIn as a primary blog. Create a regular blog and publish articles regularly on LinkedIn by keeping your existing blog intact. Think of it as an additional channel where you can publish your content also.
Make sure you already created personal bio or short introduction of yourself. In the biography, link your other social media channels or your website.

5. Be your own publicist:

Are you expert? Then don’t delay to showcase your expertise. Make yourself as a brand based on LinkedIn and display of your professional story by uploading presentations, videos and related articles.
Broadcast to your network.

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