How to Do an Online Mailing for Multiple Recipients

Online Mailing

The organization of mass e-mail distribution is a question that worries all Internet advertising specialists. In everyday life, we use various services to send emails. However, not all of them are suitable for sending promotional messages. For example, Gmail or Outlook automatically sends up to 500 emails: and more are automatically sent to the spam folder. Such a figure is acceptable for everyday use, but not for Internet marketing. If you decide to competently organize online mailing to a large number of addresses, you will have to use other methods. You can read about mass mailing on the special web-sites, such as, for example.

What Services are Suitable for Mass Mailing

Ordinary mail services are not designed for commercial use. Moreover, if they find an account that distributes ads, they block it. You can also get fined for the illegal mass mailing. Therefore, if you plan to work with large groups of recipients, it is better to tune in to legal options in advance.

The easiest solution is to register on a specialized service that is designed to send commercial messages. Such sites charge a service fee, but they have several advantages at once:

  • guaranteed delivery of the letter to the addressee;
  • assistance in creating an online mailing list;
  • high speed of delivery;
  • the ability to track statistics.

It is imperative to use specialized services for those who plan to work with commercial content (for example, online stores). After all, such users, when working with standard mail services, risk getting banned for illegal dissemination of information. This happens especially often in cases where letters are sent to users who did not consent to the use of their email addresses.

What Can Be Done With Mailing Services

Such sites are suitable for sending commercial emails. Here are some examples of actions that can be performed with their help:

  • sending commercial offers to business partners;
  • mailing information about promotions, discounts, or special offers from online stores;
  • interaction with the firm’s clients: sending reports, images, and other materials;
  • creating and sending useful and informative content as an e-mail newsletter.

Forwarding letters to a large number of recipients requires certain skills. Therefore, if you are doing this for the first time, better read the short instructions first.

How to Send Commercial Emails to a Large Number of Recipients

Commercial Emails

The main advantage of mass mailing services is that they offer customers various tools for creating letters. First of all, these are special constructors that allow you to give an electronic message exactly the look that you want. You don’t need to know HTML or other programming languages to use constructors. You will simply select the appropriate elements and arrange them in a certain sequence.

Advice. Be sure to use the constructor to create a commercial mailing for an online store or a site with any services (for example, educational). So, you will be able to create a beautiful letter following all the requirements of online marketing. Accordingly, the likelihood that the newsletter will be of interest to potential or active customers will also increase.

For those who find it difficult to show imagination, mailing services offer ready-made templates. Just choose a ready-made option and enter the necessary information. After that, it remains only to forward the letter to the required number of recipients.

Using the Recipient Database

It is extremely important who will receive your newsletter. It is good when the company has a ready base of clients and potential customers. If there is no such option, you have two options.

  • Use a ready-made base. It is offered by mailing services. Buying a base in other places is not recommended: in this way you can acquire the addresses of people who did not give an agreement to receive letters, and as a result, you will receive a fine.
  • Gather your base. This is a rather lengthy process. The easiest way to build an email list is to create a special news subscription form on the site. It can be generated using the constructor on the mailing site and placed in the online store.

Building your database has many advantages. For example, you will know exactly which of the addresses are active and which should already be removed from the recipients. You can also add new addresses to the list yourself. However, if you need to issue a mass mailing shortly, then you can use the offer from the mailing service. It will be possible to collect your base after that.

How to Use Email Statistics

A big advantage of mass mailing services is that they store various statistical data. The easiest way to track how effective your email campaign is to link your service profile to Google. Analytics. Then you can find out at any time what days and hours it is effective to send e-mails. This will allow you to make the necessary adjustments to your marketing policy and get a full response from potential customers.

It is worth monitoring the statistics constantly. This will help determine what your results are. A small change in the template or content of the mass mailing may significantly expand the audience and increase the level of sales.


It is worth doing a mass mailing of commercial messages, first of all, with the help of specialized services that offer customers to send letters to 1000-1500 addresses at the same time. This will succeed:

  • reach a large audience;
  • get more effect from the advertising campaign;
  • work with a ready-made database of verified recipients;
  • study statistics on the distribution at any convenient time.

If you are planning mass mailing for personal purposes (for example, to communicate with colleagues at work or any other group of people), you can use regular email services such as Gmail. However, please note: in this case, the circle of recipients will be limited to several hundred addresses. Also, you will always have a chance to get into the number of spammers if the service suspects you of sending promotional messages to a large number of users. Therefore, it is better not to take risks and immediately use the services of specialized companies: this will save both time and money.

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