5 Must Have Car Dealer Apps for your Android Phone

car dealer apps

With the various advancements in technology over the last couple of decades, the world is on a definitive growth path and we have become used to doing most of the things in just one click or one touch. E-commerce industry has seen a boom that has surpassed any and all market standards. There are hundreds of new businesses that are launched each day and most of them belong to the e-commerce industry. Online shopping has opened doors for multiple sellers in terms of optimizing revenues and has eased and improvised the shopping experience for the buyers.

When eBay came into existence, it tapped the buying potential of the online buyers, but with the introduction of android and android based phones and apps (also known as applications), sellers are now able to optimize their sales further as compared to online portals only. Different researched have proven that approximately 90 percent population in United States uses cell phones and there has been a dramatic rise in the usage of smartphones over the last few years. The number of applications has even gone up by multiple times. If we look at the statistics, today, there are more than 2 million apps listed in the Google Play Store, previously Android Market and the Car dealers or the Auto dealership has even introduced app based purchase options to exploit the potential markets and build relationships with their customers.

There are quite a few Car Dealer Apps for Android and we would like to list here:

  1. TrueCar App
  2. iAuto Car Dealer
  3. Wheels Dealer
  4. Singapore Apps
  5. Car Delivery

There are many more apps like these by and for Car Dealers which help users to connect with the network of car dealers, compare prices listed by various dealers but help the users have a trouble-free car buying experience. Thus, you can find, compare, favorite and buy the vehicle you wish because everything is now just a click away!

Just imagine the pain you would need to go through if you were to reach out to each car dealer separately and see if the model of the car you had been wishing to purchase was available with or not, what was the price, what offers did they have on that model, how would finance work etc. You might have visited ten dealers in your locale and still the moment you would have come across the eleventh one and if that dealer offered a better price, you would have cursed yourself!

With the Car Dealer Apps for Android, you are not only able to know how many car dealers are available in your vicinity but also compare the features, prices, offers, dealers, reviews and then decide for yourself as to which car dealer would you go for! Everything is on your finger tips and you feel like the king of this world. Android has the biggest app market and the consumer base is extremely huge as well which gives an edge to you as a consumer to buy the best products available and the dealer to check for competition and offer best rates to attract more consumers. These apps are user-friendly, and are time and cost effective. So, if you were to spend 10 hours while you searched for the best offer in town, with the Car Dealer Apps for Android, you will be required to spend 2 – 3 hours before you make your choice. And you can also call for service, share your review and feedback that will help the dealers and fellow buyers while selling and buying cars. Since Android is the largest app store, we would recommend that you read the reviews first and check for the rating before you use any car dealer app for android!

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