How to Design a Logo for Your Business?

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Many more companies and websites are competing to win customers or users, it is particularly essential to well-prepared a set of visual identity which would help them to persuade and make potential consumers like their brand. The logo, as a crucial part of company visual identity, even not the priority mission, should be included on your must-do list when you decided to start a business or build a website or blog.

We want our brand logo can reflect the concept of the company and achieve the ideal effect which everyone who read the logo could make some connection between the logo and brand. But it takes time, skills and experience even budget to achieve the goal. To design a brilliant logo would require you to have some creativity at least. That said, there are massive online logo designing platforms.

Well, this post will introduce some tips for you to apply your logo creating. Besides, one of the most robust online logo making tool, DesignEvo logo maker will take as an example to show the process to design your works.

Now, what are some characteristics a good logo should have?

First of all, we should make a clear mind what a successful logo is? To order to make the logo become our excellent spokesperson, here some reliable principle we can follow.

Following the five principles of SMART can help your logo stand out in the competitive market and hock consumers.

Simple: the golden rule “less is more” the logo is easy to understand and recognize.

Memorable: A good logo should be impressive enough to be unforgettable.

Ageless: the best logo is an eternity and keeps its nature in change.

Reliable: a good logo should be versatility to apply to every different material.

Thoughtful: every detail of the logo should be considered and honed to symbolize the quality and practicability of the brand effectively.

Let’s look at the practical steps to start your logo designing with DesignEvo. Well, DesignEvo is an online logo maker which allows you to design a logo just minutes with 9,000+ various logo templates and a vast collection of icons, fonts and shapes.

How to create your logo with DesignEvo?

You will get to know how to make a logo for your brand by yourself within 5 minutes from this post. Require no designing experience. No worry, DesignEvo is a dead-easy tool for you to play. Take easy, we just need to use the most basic, most uncomplicated graphics and text editing in it. To be honest, please note that the tips and guidelines in this post only fit for people who have a limited budget, zero designing skills.

Given that you are going to start new brands named DesignEvo and then let’s begin our logo designing.

Step 1: Choose a classic font.

Many designers prefer to use classic fonts in their logo designing. Desinevo offers a lot of fonts including Classic and Art, Mordent and Traditional, etc. You can check all these font effects to select the best ones. The Art font would be a good choice, but considering the simplicity, it would not suit for non-designer to play them. As DesignEvo is a creative design website, I would prefer to use a more modern font, so I choose Comfortaa. This font looks pretty funny so I love this font.

Step 2: Adding one or more icons to your logotype.

DesignEvo prebuilt and prepare with a huge designing elements stock including shapes and icons which you can enter keywords to search icons matched. With a wide range of icons and shapes, you are no worry not designing resource to design your logo. To be honest, though everyone could design the logo easily, it is quite challenging to create a log compared with the designers’ work.

Step 3: Set the background if necessary.

The color white and black are always let your martial look great and advanced. So in this logo, the black background seems better than the white.

Step 4: Preview and download your logo

After doing these steps, your logo might have finished. And here is a step you should not ignore. That is to check out the logo effect when it applied to different media. Actually, this function is great, but it would be awesome to check out each occasion that we can look over more clearly. If you are satisfied with your logo, and then you can download it free with low-resolution files. For higher resolution, just pay a small fee to get.

Conclusion If you are looking for some method to get a logo for your business, DesignEvo as an alternative to professional designers and designing studio would be your good choice. Its abundant resource and powerful editors make your logo designing more enjoyable and accessible.

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