Tips for Starting Your Own Successful Moving Company

Moving Company

The moving industry is great because there is always a lot of work. People still move their stuff, or even their businesses and houses. However, starting a moving business requires a lot of effort and planning. Here are seven crucial tips for everyone who wants to start a successful moving company.

Start with a good business plan

Moving businesses, as well as all other types, require having a good business plan before starting and establishing the whole project. A business plan is a must since you have to know how to manage the money and resources you possess. Also, it will, hopefully, help you set your business apart from the competition by including special services or new features. Prioritize your goals and stick to your business plan as much as possible.

Get your licenses

If you want to operate as a moving company, you’ll have to secure particular permits and licenses before starting your business. You will have to contact local authorities and ask them how to get these papers and how much it will cost you. Usually, it will depend on the country where you want to start the business. Besides that, you’ll have to make sure that all your employees have a commercial driver’s license. If they don’t have the permission, make sure they get it before they start working for you.

Get your truck or a van

For starting your moving business, you’ll need a pick-up truck, cargo van or a box truck. Finding the right vehicle is crucial, and luckily, there is a large market for both new and used trucks and vans. You can easily find whatever you need – a smaller pick-up truck, affordable trucks for sale or a larger vehicle which will allow you to charge a higher fee. All options are great, but before you make the decision, make sure it fits your current budget and business needs.

Moving Company

Find the right equipment

The moving industry requires investing in the proper equipment for your company. Purchasing a truck or a van is the first huge step for starting your local company, but you should consider some additional equipment. Most movers need a hand truck dolly to help with simple moves. Also, you might need a set of ratchet straps or bungee cords to secure cargo and to make sure nothing breaks or shifts during the move. Besides that, you might need stretch wrap for extra protection or a red flag to prevent drivers behind you from getting too close.

Set up the company

You have to figure out which type of business structure is the best for you. Single proprietorship is fine if you are the only owner of the business. On the other hand, if you have partners, you should consider starting an LLC. Try to consult your attorney or accountant before making the decision. Also, try to choose a creative and unique name for your business so customers could easily remember you. The name should also be relevant to the moving business industry.

Focus on marketing

Finding customers and promoting your brand are the next essential steps. One of the most significant advantages of moving business is that you can turn your van into a mobile billboard by applying stickers and labels onto it. It is a cheap tactic but a good one since people will, most likely, notice you. Social media platforms are also a crucial marketing tactic because almost all of your customers spend their time on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Also, don’t forget about old-fashioned marketing ways, such as word of mouth marketing or simply offering your services to other small businesses personally. You’ll need flyers and business cards for that.

Build a reputation

Every new customer has the potential to become loyal in the future. Therefore, your goal is to be professional and to always communicate with your customers. Answer their questions, or even ask them yourself if they are satisfied with your service. Make sure your vehicles are clean and your drivers always act like professionals. Remember, being successful in this industry is not that easy since the competition is very high. However, if you take a lot of time and effort to create adifference between you and competitors, you will, most likely, create a successful moving company.

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