How to Create a WordPress Website Without Coding?

WordPress Website

You, too, perhaps, have a misunderstanding about how to create a website. It’s likely that dazzling cinematic sequences contributed to this misunderstanding. All of these films have depicted web developers as unsavoury types who always have their laptops with them and dress shadily. To what extent do these films satirise or accurately depict the daily routines of its male tech protagonists? Working late into the night, pounding out lines of code, and staring at a screen that seems to go on forever are all part of a typical developer’s day.

Does this imply that all WordPress sites such as PrimApp are constructed in the same way? No, not at all. Pure code is used to create many websites. However, WordPress site creation is possible in a code-free alternative. Learn all about it through this article.

Stepwise Process to Create a WordPress Website without coding

Sign up for an account.

The first step is to visit and create your administrator account. Because creating a WordPress account and utilising it are both free, businesses should create a new profile that is used only for managing the company’s website.

Make a fresh website

The “Add new site” button is on your primary control panel. By clicking on it, you will be able to take easy steps to make it up and running, such as picking a name, a free domain (you may redirect to yours later), certain plugin packs, and other basic details.

Find the ideal brand theme.

You may choose from a variety of pre-made themes when first creating your site, but they are only suggestions.

After the website has been created, you may begin developing its content and design. Your chances of success are highly dependent on the topic you pick.

There are two approaches to locate the right free WordPress theme that matches your business and your brand. You may access the platform’s internal search tool by going to Appearance > Themes.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for more options, a quick Google search will do the trick. It’s important to remember that themes developed outside of WordPress may have issues that need custom development. Thus, pick carefully and try a lot before deciding.

Be realistic about what can be accomplished with zero-coding requirements, as even the authorised ones aren’t suited for a distinctive and robust brand presence.

But what is the appropriate theme? For starters, it’s the one that specifically caters to your industry. A content management system (CMS) blog is necessary to kick off a Content Marketing plan. To set up a web-based shop, you’ll need a whole separate theme.

Not only that, the appropriate one will provide your brand a room to shine. Your site will load quickly, respond to user input, and provide an excellent user experience overall.

Modify the default settings of a free WordPress theme

It doesn’t matter the motif you select, it won’t come appropriate for your brand. Therefore, it is time to discover the proper colours, fonts, and layouts.

Fortunately, WordPress includes a native tool for changing all these characteristics without any need for code. You may mould your website to fit your brand’s image by using a straightforward menu.

The alternatives are limited, of course, but they can help you match your website graphics with your brand character better.

Discover and set up add-ons

WordPress’s abundance of plugins, or toolkits that add functionality and allow for greater personalization of your site, is a major selling point.

Free plugins, some of which might increase your theme’s flexibility, are available on the official marketplace for them.

Create and start keeping score.

Now that your free theme is set up, you can begin adding content to your sites. To what extent you do so depends on your aims and the nature of your website.

However, it is standard procedure to gauge the reception of the target audience and adjust the design and presentation accordingly. The best WordPress website like TipTop does this process regularly.

Other way to create a WordPress Website without Coding


WordPress users can utilise the Elementor plugin. Why is it different? This plugin, and its overall concept, is novel. In light of their recent success, it’s hard to deny. In just its second year on the market, Elementor climbed to the 40th spot on the list of most downloaded plugins. On May 6th, 2018, Elementor hit 800,000 Active Instals, a significant milestone for the popular website builder.

The Elementor Website Builder Requires Zero Coding Experience.

You can create beautiful, functional websites using WordPress and Elementor, a free, drag-and-drop page builder. That’s why it’s open source as well!

So, how does it function, exactly? Elements are provided through the Elementor interface. Maybe you’ll recall the prior activity we completed. Briefly reviewing, components are the easily discernible portions of a website, such as the header, footer, navigation menu, title, etc.

Now that you have access to Elementor’s elements, what should you do with them? Simply move it where you want it.

The Blank canvas is the next section of the Elementor interface. In web design parlance, the Canvas is the blank slate upon which your site will be built. The layout may be modified to your liking by inserting extra columns, rows, and most importantly, items, using the tools at your disposal.


In conclusion, Website development without the need for coding is now within your grasp. You are also familiar with the resources available. Since WordPress is ideal for a company just getting started with its digital strategy, let’s have a look at how simple it is to construct and set up your website with no coding required, all with the help of some free themes.

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