How to choose Solar battery for your home

Solar battery

Premium Solar battery in 2021

Solar batteries are elite batteries it is also considered as a game changer in residential and solar markets. In simple words, solar energy is reforming the manner in which people use energy. These days, everyone is looking for conventional forms of energy so that they can utilize a clean and reliable source of power. Solar energy precisely does that by transferring clean energy which is devoid of any byproduct.

A solar battery is a battery that obtains charge from solar panels, it can also be said that a battery charged with energy from solar panels. It is also a widely accepted fact that battery storage is the next big thing in the field of radical energy whereas solar batteries have also facilitated the rise of cleaner and green energy. Unlike the older technology used in lead-acid batteries, the lithium-ion solar batteries are making remarkable progress towards greener future. The best part about solar batteries is their high cycle life. This defines that the solar batteries can sustain a higher number of charge and discharge cycles.

Why switching towards solar battery is important?

It is a great saying that time and tide wait for none so the perfect day is today and the marvelous time has come to switch over towards solar energy as this type of power would help you to make use greater efficiency in operating various electrical appliances in your home. For example, when you install a solar battery in your home, you have the option to store the extra energy produced rather than feeding it to the grid. The solar batteries are also becoming ever more affordable as a lot of people are now using them in their houses.

Things affecting the choice of solar battery type

These major factors would definitely help you to decide that which type of solar battery you would require. Here is the list of specific factors which would facilitate you to buy a solar panel battery for your home.

Solar battery

Solar panel battery Capacity

The capability of an array refers to the total amount of electricity that a solar cell can stock up. In this context, it is interesting to note that a lot of solar batteries are stackable which implies that you can stock multiple batteries to bind the extra energy generated from the solar panels. Therefore, if you are on the lookout to buy a solar cell, always make sure that you opt for a solar –plus-storage type battery system.

Power rating of the battery

It is still good to take into account the manner of capacity as it would depict how much electricity it can store. On the other hand, it is equally essential to take into account the power rating of the battery. Power rating refers to the amount of electrical energy that a battery can send at a particular time. Solar battery power rating is measured in kilowatts kW.

Round-trip efficiency of solar panel battery

The work of round-trip efficiency of a battery usually is to denote the amount of energy that can be utilized as an amount of energy took to store it. Generally, it is expressed in percentage and should be considered by a buyer. Let’s take an example to understand round-trip efficiency in a better way. If you provide 8 kWh of electricity in the solar battery with solar inverter can only get 7 kWh of electricity back, then your solar battery has an efficiency of 80%.

Solar battery

Warranty and Battery Life

In residential complexes when a solar battery is used, the battery will charge easily on daily basis, the battery’s ability to store charge would decrease gradually with the passage of time. Furthermore, your solar battery would also come with proper warranty terms which would come handy in case of any defects.

Credibility of the brand manufacturing solar batteries

Loom Solar is the number one solar battery manufacturing Company in India that provides the best solar battery with the recent pitch in the popularity of solar batteries, a lot of brands have been manufacturing Lithium batteries as I told you earlier one of which is Loom Solar, it provides reliable services to their customers. It is always essential to take into account the reputation of the manufacturer. Select for a trustworthy brand that has an excellent after-sales service when you buy the solar batteries.

Life span of solar batteries

The lifespan of solar batteries totally depends upon on its cycles; by and large a full battery lasts for 700 periods and the environment at which batteries are kept is also a major factor. In maximum term lithium batteries can also reach up to 2000 cycles. Voltage at which battery is used is also the factor that affects its lifespan as well as the kind of electrolyte solution used also affects its overall production.

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