How to Add Style to Your Brand (and Wow Customers)

Add Style to Your Brand

The elements of branding go far beyond your business cards, website, and company logo. Your brand helps you stand out in a crowded marketplace, and successful branding gives you a competitive edge against other companies in your niche.

It doesn’t matter if you only have a shoe-string budget to work with, you can update the components of your brand using free tools and a splash of creativity. Styling your brand gives it personality and a unique feel, it’s a means to differentiate yourself from all the other players in your niche.

Why Your Brands Style Matters

By styling your brand, you tell the market a story of who you are and where you want to go. Styling creates an emotional connection between your brand and your target audience. In essence, brand styling captures the soul and nature of your company and communicates it to the market.

The majority of shopper’s purchase based on their emotions. You can use brand styling to play on those emotions, win more customers and increase your sales. Styling your brand makes your company and your value proposition irresistible to prospects.

Brand Styling Explained

Creating a smart brand identity is an essential task for any online or offline business. By styling your brand, you reflect the core values of your company using visual design aids such as graphics, colors, and fonts.

It’s important to take special consideration of all design elements in your styling to ensure you deliver your intention to the market. Branding is the best qualification tool you can use. The right style will vet your market and send you prospects that are interested in your specific value proposition.

The art of brand styling includes type font, patterns, colors, texture, and illustrations to communicate your company ethos to your target market. Your logo is the center of your brand identity, but it’s not the only element of brand styling that requires your attention.

Your branding includes every aspect of your business, including stationery and sundries. Find out where you can get shipping supplies and stationery customized for your brand style. When everything is pulled together to form your brand style, it creates a distinctive impression that reflects your business.

Create a Brand Style Board

Use a brand board to define your design elements. Your brand board should consist of the following;

  • A logo that’s distinctive and recognizable to your target audience.
  • Illustrations that represent your personality and spark interest.
  • Images that add depth and character.
  • Patterns and textures that add flair to your design.
  • Colors that reflect your brand values.

Combining all of these design elements into your brand styling produces an impressive effect that puts your business ahead of the competition. In short, brand styling is the greatest asset your company has, attracting a consistent flow of new and returning customers that believe in your company and its values.

Tips for Styling Your Brand

Start your brand styling exercise by assessing your positioning strategy. What makes you unique? Do you know your competitive advantage? What do you want your customers to think of your brand?

These questions allow you to frame your brand styling with a specific purpose; they form the bedrock of your vision for the future and the direction of where you want your company to go. If you’re not a designer, then it’s essential that you work with a design team to effectively present your values and vision.

However, you’ll need a basic understanding of the design elements to critique design work. Take the time to research the design elements and get a feeling for what you think will work for your brand and what won’t.

When you’ve settled on your final styling, ask a select group of customers for their opinion on your brand. Offer them a discount for their feedback as an incentive. If you have a budget to work with, consider using a focus group to get unbiased feedback on the design elements.

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