How can WordPress Web Design Services help?

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Whether you want to build a new website or you want to modify the current website CMS, WordPress is one of the best options. You will be surprised to know that WordPress is responsible for powering 27% of all websites on the Internet, which is an impressive figure, keeping in mind the presence of the CMS and HTML options present in the market. WordPress dominates around 76% of the CMS market, as well, indicating that they are in use more than other platforms like Drupal or Magento. WordPress custom plugin development follows a cardinal rule. They are meant to extend the functionality of WordPress. Whenever WordPress updates to a new version, it is going to overwrite all the core files. Therefore, if we want to add any functionality, it should be done with the help of the plugins using the approved WordPress APIs.

Why do we make plugins?

As discussed, there is a cardinal rule that the WordPress development follows. The rule is, we should never touch the WordPress core. This again implies that we do not edit the core WordPress files, so as to add functionality to the sites. The reason being, when WordPress updates to a new version, all the core files get overwritten. Any kind of functionality we want to add, it should be done with the help of the plugins using approved WordPress APIs.

WordPress custom plugin development is essential because we may want the plugins to be as simple or as complicated as we want them to be. The simplest plugin we can use is the single PHP file. The Hello Dolly plugin is one such example, as it just needs a Plugin Header, a number of PHP functions, and some hooks to which the functions can be attached. The plugins are meant for extending the functionality of WordPress without touching the core at all.

What is a plugin?

Plugins are packages of codes that can extend the core functionality of Word press. They are usually made up of a PHP code and some other assets like CSS, JavaScript and images. When we make our own plugin, we are extending the WordPress i.e. building the extra functionality, in addition to what is already offered by WordPress. We can write a plugin and display the links to some of our preferred posts.

Most of the plugins constitute many files but a plugin needs a main file with a specially formatted DocBlock in the header. If we are the author of a plugin, we have the opportunity to create a wonderful plugin. We have to just turn the idea into code.

How are WordPress web design services helpful?

When we think of WordPress for web design purposes, it is always good to hire an agency, as they help the businesses to thrive. Let us talk about some custom WordPress web design services, which are indeed helpful for us. Before going much into the details, we should know that WordPress is one of the best platforms for custom design in CMS. Following are some WordPress web design elements that a web designer will be able to customize with the help of WordPress.

  • Themes: The theme is responsible for determining the overall layout of the website and changing the theme can help in changing the home page layout, as well as, post sliders. The developers can choose from WordPress themes, premium themes and mobile-ready themes also.
  • Widgets and menus: When we want to customize menus on an HTML, it can be quite time-consuming and difficult. But, when we use Word-Press, the custom web designers can also implement custom widgets and menus with the help of a few clicks.
  • Page background: WordPress can be used to customize the page background and by employing the fanciest of the themes.
  • Side header: WordPress also allows the customization of the side headers, by making them more unique. They are customized to feature various kinds of services and products that one can imagine.

Responsive web design services

With the latest trends of a website generating more business, it is always good to opt for responsive design. Responsive design is all about a website that is capable of providing the visitors with the best experiences. They are not able to differentiate the experiences, irrespective of the devices they are operating from, be it a mobile, a laptop or a desktop. SEO also forms an integral part of the WordPress web design service. This service helps in ensuring that a WordPress website is found in every search engine, including Google. The implementation of SEO can help in the driving of more traffic to the website, as well as, lead to greater conversions for the businesses. Keyword research, creation of content, internal linking and a plethora of other services are some of the strategies, adopted in SEO.

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