How AI has Simplified M-commerce and Continuing Still?


Did you know the AI market is expected to hit USD 190.61 billion in the course of next 7 years? Business Wire predicts the current market size as USD 21.46 billion.

Business owners, especially who are in charge of small ecommerce setups, often find it difficult to take out time. Even if they don’t have many products on their menu, an ecommerce cycle is huge.

A single transaction touches upon multiple points before it is successfully closed. After an order is placed, it is validated and checked by the concerned team. They then forward it for processing. Once the product goes out of inventory, the shipping team has to take it further until it is delivered to the customer.

Besides this, we have pre and post channels too. These are usually the most intricate of all, requiring a lot of time. AI has simplified these in the recent times.

From chatbots to predictive product presentations, these help customers in buying the product. Automated after-sales support is again assisted by AI which isn’t simple either.

With these functions largely supported by AI, business owners can spend more time with marketers so they can ascertain effective tricks to drive online sales.

Most marketers have a tough time identifying the most successful marketing trick for a particular campaign and for that, it requires brainstorming.

Email campaigns, push notifications, social media, are all significant when it comes to attracting new customers and increasing customer lifetime value.

People running internet businesses would know there is virtually no difference between ecommerce and mobile commerce. What has been implemented in your webstore, it goes into your mobile platform sooner than later.

See how AI is going to impact mcommerce in the coming days –

How AI has Simplified M-commerce and Continuing Still?

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