Gifts for Employees That Are Thoughtful and Useful

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Finding the right gift for your employees is probably the hardest business decision you’ll have to make as an employer. With so many different personalities and flavours, it’s hard to find the perfect fit for everyone’s taste. Sometimes you don’t even get to know them all that well! But, fear not! We have compiled an extensive list for you to choose from, encompassing all kinds of personalities.

Come take a look at our list down below and give your employees the gratitude they thoroughly deserve!

An Insulated Lunch Box Bag Set

Every office has that one food connoisseur that keeps bringing exquisite home-made meals you would only find in a fancy restaurant. Make their lives easier, and their food tastier, by getting them one of these bad boys. They even come with a whole separate container for sauces or dressings so that they can boast about the amazing viscosity of their Béchamel sauce before they pour it over their roast quail.

A Yoga Mat Bag

For that yoga aficionado that sneaks off during lunch break to find their inner peace and balance their chakras; all seven of them. These bags are large enough to fit one or two small yoga mats, as well as towels and other yoga doodads. Give them one of these as a token of appreciation for their daily efforts to stay in shape — both physically and mentally — and for always being on top of their game.

A Tea Tumbler

For the person sitting adjacent the yoga aficionado reading all kinds of articles regarding the many benefits of meditation — and opening your chakras — but is not quite there yet. All joking aside, these neat flasks can be used for storing both hot and cold beverages, as a fruit water infuser, as a tea infuser, and more. Great for employees who won’t settle for anything less than perfect and simply refuse to drink water out of the office water cooler.

Rewarding Outstanding Performance

The most hardworking and outstanding employees deserve the best gifts to reward them for always going the extra mile. Things that are useful and premium, like gadgets and privileges, are the usual choices for most companies. Excellent gift ideas to reward top-performing workers include a cash bonus, a gift certificate, a high-end business laptop, electronics, and paid vacation days. When used properly, employee incentives can help boost employee motivation and productivity and, ultimately, benefit the company. Your employees may be using mobile phones with damaged screens, weak batteries or they may be experiencing some data issues with their device. It would be great if you can hire a Phone repair that comes to you to have their devices checked.

A Gift Card

Not every employee is an extrovert. Some just prefer to keep to themselves. Moreover, there are also those with a more hands-on approach — a.k.a. control freaks — that want to pick their own present. Add all the new people into the mix and you get quite the mysterious crew. In those cases, a flexible prepaid Visa card is a neat gift that offers a lot of room for manoeuvring when you’re not sure with whom you are dealing with.  Another great option when it comes to dealing with control freaks is gifting air travel hours. All you have to do is select the number of hours you want to give (you can pay for the whole flight or part of the flight), and then the recipient can choose where they want to go and the date when they want to do so. Since they’re the ones in charge, there’s no way you can go wrong with this idea. 

A Spa Basket

Don’t be fooled by this one, it’s not just for the ladies. These baskets contain all the essential bathing goodies including bath salts, body scrubs, shower gels, and more. They are simply perfect for relieving stress after an exceptionally busy week at the office. Give these to your hardest-working bunch to ensure that they don’t just burn themselves out and, instead, cool off a bit with a nice cosy bath as a reward for all the hard work they’re putting in recently!

An Organic Cat Grass Growing Kit

For that employee that won’t stop talking about their cat. In general, cat-owners will find you caring for their little furry friends — or should I say, masters — beyond adorable. As for the gift itself, it contains all you need (an organic seed mix, a cute planter, organic soil, etc.) to grow your own organic cat grass that cats are so funnily drawn to. It contains all the necessary nutrients to keep the furry feline strong and healthy, and their owners forever in your gratitude.

A Stylish Glass Set

If you have someone with exquisite taste, a stylish glass set is never a bad idea. Help them activate their acute taste buds with this classic gift. Whether they’re into wine, tequila, or whether they’re more of a whiskey person, this gift will show that you do know and care about their favorite pastime. Tequila gift set is a good option as well, just be careful not to encourage them too much.

A Charging Station

There’s nothing worse than a dead battery. Help your employees revive their small devices and renew their enthusiasm with this thoughtful gift. It contains multiple USB ports that can charge both phones and tablets — all at the same time— and keep your employees’ devices alive and operational; just like them. 

At the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts. Show them that you know them with these useful gifts that will put a smile on anyone’s face. Remember — a happy employee is a productive employee.

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  1. A great way to show appreciation to your employees is through a thoughtful and useful gift. These gifts don’t have to be expensive, but they should be something that the employee will use or appreciate. The ideas you mentioned in the article are a very useful gift for employees. Adding custom company logo to all these gifts will add more value to the gifts, Thank you for sharing the article.

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