Why Consider Antigua Citizenship (Now That the World Is Not What It Used to Be)?

Antigua Citizenship

All news outlets have confirmed one thing: The “old-world normal way of life” has become a thing of the past. There’s no going back to the way things used to be after the global COVID-19 pandemic. Now, everyone must approach life from a different perspective and learn how to manage it in a new way from this day forward.

Various professionals such as economists, life coaches, entrepreneurs, and even spiritual leaders suggest a variety of strategies for coping with “the new normal” that are working quite effectively now, and are suitable for long-term applications as well.

Obtaining dual citizenship is one such recommended strategy.

Securing Dual Citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda

One of the nations that offers dual citizenship is the twin-island country of Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean. From among the many countries in the region, Antigua citizenship is deemed the most desirable to acquire because the country has so much going for it and the citizenship for a family application is the most cost-effective. It’s an excellent investment for future-oriented people or preppers.

The Antigua citizenship by investment program is not only more affordable than other options, but the processing period is very efficient, taking only 3 to 4 months for the government decision.

It’s worth noting as well that its application process is the least stressful, particularly if you work with program specialists. You don’t have to go to Antigua during your application. Nor are you  required to establish an Antigua residency and live there for months or years.

Why It’s Advantageous to Consider an Antigua Citizenship During These Troubled Times

What makes this citizenship by investment program a solid strategy during such an uncertain time in the world? Here are six compelling reasons:

1. It’s an investment that can keep you safe.

This is particularly true now that the world is dealing with COVID-19. Antigua and Barbuda has among the lowest numbers of cases and reported deaths due to the novel coronavirus. The latest report shows that there are only 24 confirmed cases and three deaths.

A lot of expats and dual citizens who came to Antigua and Barbuda before the start of the pandemic find that the country is one of the safest places to be at the moment and in the coming months. So much so that the airport is full of private jets, more than its ever had.

2. Antigua and Barbuda is a location where self-sufficiency can prove easy to achieve.

Antigua and Barbuda is a naturally abundant nation. For example, all kinds of fruits and vegetables thrive here easily. On top of that, it’s surrounded by pristine waters where you can catch your meal for the day.

Additionally, if you acquire your dual citizenship through property investment, you automatically have an excellent location to set up a self-sufficient life for you and your family. With a sprawling landscape where fertile soil can grow anything, and with gorgeous oceans nearby, food insecurity is not going to be a problem even if shipments from overseas do not come on time.

What’s more, if you feel like going back to basics is the way of the future, such a lifestyle would be a breeze to establish here because the local culture remains simple. In fact, many expat families that live here have chosen to live the simple life; this way, their children will grow up without relying too much on modern conveniences or technology. Instead, they’ll learn fishing, gardening, kayaking, and other rewarding nature-centered activities that will help them grow up to become better-rounded individuals.

3. In this country, nature is your backyard.

One of the most common complaints that people have regarding restricted mobility (which is strictly imposed to protect everyone from COVID-19) is the difficulty of being cooped up at home. In Antigua and Barbuda, staying active even without leaving the confines of your property is a lot more convenient and easy to do because healing nature is present pretty much right where you live or close by.

There’s no issue with going outside of your house, especially when you’re feeling a little stir-crazy. You can take a walk in the forest or to the nearest beach to breathe in the fresh air, which can greatly benefit your mental and physical health.

During this time, when staying healthy is a must, it’s nice to be able to retreat to a place that is closer to nature instead of crowds of people. You can boost your immune system, making it a reliable weapon against the disease, by spending some time in the sun, surrounding yourself with plants, and gazing at the ocean.

4. Antigua and Barbuda is an ideal venue for startup businesses.

In a country like Antigua and Barbuda where the business scene is not yet heavily saturated, you can find success in launching innovative business ventures.

When the panic due to the current global situation dies down, you may find it more convenient to bounce back economically by directing your business efforts here. Alternatively, you can partner with other enterprises that have the same fierce goal of getting back in the scene stronger than ever.

5. Antigua and Barbuda has some of the best tax benefits in the world.

If you are looking to manage your finances better, being a certified citizen of Antigua and Barbuda can surely help. Antigua is a very attractive country with regards to tax should you decide to become a full-time resident.

  • No worldwide income tax
  • No inheritance tax
  • No capital gains tax

6. Antigua and Barbuda’s healthcare system is well-supported

The country’s government provides citizens with medications and supplies for most conditions through the Medical Benefits Scheme.

This is a huge benefit, especially if your country of origin doesn’t have an effective healthcare system in place, and treatments without insurance are expensive.

Exploring different approaches to living life is certainly something that everybody can benefit from at a time when nobody really knows what could happen in the future. Despite the uncertainty, it always helps to have a plan. Becoming a citizen in a different country may be an out-of-the-box solution. Still, the reasons provided can help establish why it’s an option worth considering as a rewarding financial strategy, and to protect your quality of life.

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