What is the Future of Business with VR (Virtual Reality)?

Virtual Reality

When we talk about virtual reality or VR then it might be only one concept come in our mind and that is Video gaming Industry. But the question is what this attractive technology can be implemented in other business? And the answer is yes because nowadays, many businesses look forward to developing virtual reality based application for their businesses.

Virtual Reality technology is knocking our doors to convert human life and businesses with its landmark presence. VR is grabbing the attention of smart entrepreneurs. They are very much excited to explore advanced ways of doing the businesses using the excellent capabilities of VR such as connecting people, changing the human ability to experience the things, making geographical locations descriptive and much more.

Let’s discuss some business sectors where VR will helpful…

1. E-Commerce business

E-Commerce is itself a vast and competitive industry. Existing, as well as new start-up firms, have to survive in this competition. They must be looking for such tactics which may grow up their business revenue and for such companies, Virtual Reality is the crucial platform to reach through the more and more customers.

When people are planning to buy clothes, furniture, and footwear etc. from the eCommerce mobile application at that time size of a product is the primary concern. Virtual reality helps businesses in resolving these problems effectively. VR-based mobile apps will allow customers to see the product and check its size and select the right fit easily. With the use of VR user can get immersive e-shopping experience.

As an epitome; if you want to buy a study table through a VR app, it gives you a thorough idea about how the study table will look in your study space. Such a facility reduces the chances of money back for product returns due to inappropriate size and boosts the revenue of retailers.

2. Medical Industry

Medical Industry is most concerning industry for people’s health than just only emphasis on business revenue. But Virtual Reality is the factor which satisfied both of these aspects.

In healthcare doctor’s consultancies are apparent. So, with the use of VR that will be enhanced and in case of an emergency patient’s manual visit will not mandatory. Moreover, many medical technics will be expanded with VR such as AR X-Ray technology and these modern technologies will also help to diagnosis some dangerous diseases. All of these tactics used to build up the reputation in society and it will also beneficial for hospital revenue.

3. Education sector

Currently, a much mobile application available which provides e-learning to students but VR apps provides potential opportunities for the education market by offering enjoyable and enriching VR based learning experience for all levels of students. It is like a blessing for the students to get assistance from their faculties and friends to learn the curriculum appropriately. Thus, VR apps take the education product supplier companies at the next level and contribute to the growth of students as well.

4. Tourism

Resorts and Hotels are using Virtual Reality to engage more travelers. Some well-known companies like Marriot and ITC are trying to integrate VR for better satisfaction.

Apart from the specific usage of VR in various business, VR also used to improve conventional business work which is discussed below,

Advanced Platform for Interaction

As VR devices are making geographical locations more descriptive, businesses can conduct meetings with clients or partners through real-time video conferencing facilities. It can be a more personal and legitimate platform for enterprises where they can have visual interaction with the other party same as a face-to-face meeting. So, enterprises can take advantages of decreased expenditure on business trips to visit the location of client/partner with increased productivity.

Rising Customer Loyalty

Deliver a lifetime experience to the user by applying storytelling ability of VR technology. Reveal information about product or service on VR devices to educate, entertain and win the customers more than ever. Through the open interaction, businesses can boost up the trust of customers and gain their loyalty. Interactive VR devices enable consumers to feel the product or service that plays a key role in making purchase decisions.

Deliver “Anywhere” Experience to Customers

VR-based mobile apps are accessible from any corner of the world. Businesses can be available to the customers to buy a product or service anytime anywhere. Using the VR app, different industry domains such as hotel, tourism, e-commerce, etc. can provide a virtual experience of product or service to the users, like a virtual tour. So, users can have a real feel before doing a purchase.


The future of business with VR use looks very promising. There are already businesses out there making their first move into VR technology (i.e., Facebook & Oculus VR), but it’s still a long way to commute for it to fully embraced by the masses. But as VR technology evolves, it will not be long for organizations to do their businesses in the virtual world.

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