Full-HD Display TV: Everything You Need To Know Discussed!

Full-HD Display TV

Getting a new Full-HD display TV can be a significant investment. The modern features and specs are what attract the customers most and make them buy a particular model. But, a few factors should be considered as a top priority.

This article will put light on a few major points such as native apps, contrast ratio, and refresh rate along with some quick buying tips at the end.

Let’s dive in!

Importance of buying a TV and things to look after

TV has played a good role in our lives by influencing us for over 80 years. It is the best way to spend free time when at home and get a chance to explore the world while just sitting on your couch.

The biggest benefit you reap from it is good family bonding. When the whole family unites to watch a single show on TV, the joy and laughter shared at that moment can be priceless.

Here are some points to ponder before bringing that big screen-sized TV to your property!

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Weight of a TV

TVs come with various weights. The Full-HD quality of your TV is never affected by its weight but the process to set it up surely does. However, the intended range might be affected by it. The TV with a higher weight will take up more effort and careful attention while setting up.

Ideally, the weight of a TV is specified in pounds as a standard. The TV of this weight weighs around 38.1 pounds without a support stand. If added, the weight can shoot up to 48.5 pounds.

A Minimum Viewing Distance Accommodation in Room

Buying a Full-HD display TV just because it is on sale is not a wise option. The room or the lounge you are buying it for should have that much space and capacity. Measuring your room size is the safest and best option. So, you’ll know how much your investment is worth before you make it. The recommended viewing distance for different TV sizes is as follows:

  • Four feet for a 32-inch TV
  • Seven feet for a 40-inch and 48-inch TV
  • Nine feet for a 65-inch TV

Measure the distance accurately and then go for the suitable TV size accordingly.

Check the Connectivity Options

If you want to use your TV for a multi-purpose, such as not only for connecting a set-top box, make sure that there are a variety of connectivity posts. A few of the major ports include:

  • HDMI
  • USB ports
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • AV ports
Full-HD Display TV
Full-HD Display TV

Having a Bluetooth connectivity option in your Full-HD display TV is an added advantage. As more connectivity options lead to a more cheerful life.

Choose a Full-HD TV in Contrast to HD-Ready TV

Set up your budget before buying a TV. If flexible, it will be very admirable if you can stretch your budget a little more compared to what you have just decided. If your current budget can buy you a 720p HD-Ready TV, a little more will take you to Full-HD 1080p.

Note: Not all HD TVs offer a Full HD 1080p resolution display.

Also, there are some low-cost variants available with 720p HD-ready displays. They are only a good choice if you are heavily dependent on the set-top box and love to watch regular shows. If you are a gamer and love to watch HD movies, a 1080p resolution is the best pick for you.

A Look at the Refresh Rate

The number of times the screen gets refreshed per second refers to the refresh rate. The optimal refresh rate is 60Hz, which means that your TV refreshes 60 times every second. This makes the display more smooth and enchanting.

There are some cases where even a TV with a 60Hz refresh rate will look blurred such as a fast-moving scene. Therefore, it is advised that you should go for a TV with a higher refresh rate so that you might be able to see the content in more detail.

Choose a TV that Offers Native Apps

The native app feature while selecting a specific model of a TV should never be overlooked. Before deciding on buying a particular model, you should have a proper check on what apps it has to offer. Some TVs do support several useful apps while others support none of these.

  • Youtube
  • Amazon Video
  • Enjoy
  • Netflix
Full-HD Display TV

Do consider your needs beforehand. Do the channels you love to watch supported by your new Full-HD display TV? This will eventually make you able to explore more options that offer native app support.

Here Are Some Quick Tips to Buy a TV

  • Avoid buying a TV with less than 1080p (Full HD) resolution
  • The expensive 8K TVs are not a good option to buy. Since 8K shows and movies are not available it will be in the best interest to skip this resolution.
  • The refresh rate of a TV you are buying should be in the range of 60Hz or 120Hz. This will eventually provide a smoother experience with gaming, movies, and sports shows.
  • HDR10+ and Dolby Vision are the most advanced and trending formats in this era. Make sure that they are supported by your TV. This enables you to enjoy more realistic colors and better contrast. An HDR-compatible set will be a better option in this case.
  • LCDs are an outdated option, you should avoid buying one. Instead, if you have a healthy budget opt for OLED TVs. In another scenario, if you are looking for budget-friendly options, QLED TVs are a better pick.
  • A TV with at least two HDMI ports is recommended.
  • The thin screen trend has made it difficult to have effective and loud in-built speakers. Never overlook buying a separate sound bar alongside.


A TV with a good resolution and a higher refresh rate will make your free time more enjoyable. You won’t be bothered by the buffering any more. Considering all the above-mentioned points will make your investment more fruitful and in this way, you will get the perfect piece at very cost-effective rates.

While setting up your TV at home, did you face any issues? Highlight your concerns in the comment section below!

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