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For ordinary creators or bloggers, there should be several sets of free online video and audio related production and modification tools. For example, if you want to make a Logo, you will think of DesignEvo and Canva . If you want to make a photo, you will think of FotoJet. An indispensable online tool.

In this post, we will introduce you to FlexClip, a free online video editor, very easy to use, with which anyone can create incredible videos without previous editing knowledge. 

FlexClip is an application created by the software development and multimedia graphics company PearlMountain to bring the creation and production of videos closer to everyone. Currently, FlexClip has 7 million users worldwide, growing day by day due to the great demand and popularity of videos as a means of communication. 

If you are looking for a professional video but don’t have much time or editing knowledge, FlexClip is one of the best options. Its versatile and straightforward editor will more than meet your expectations. Let’s take a look at some of its most outstanding features below.

Thousands of templates

One of the best ways to start creating a video is with a template, and FlexClip has many templates that will save you a lot of editing time. Whatever the purpose of your video, you will indeed find a suitable template for your project. In FlexClip, you will find templates to create YouTube videos, tutorials, presentations, movie trailers, TikTok videos, Instagram stories, Facebook ads … Anyway. The application incorporates a wide variety of templates that you are sure to love.

Two edit modes

Although templates always make work much more accessible, with FlexClip, you can also start creating videos from scratch. For this, the application offers 2 versions of its editor. The first is the storyboard mode, more straightforward and more intuitive for quick edits. And the second, the timeline mode, in which you can add multiple tracks and edit the details of your videos more easily.

Millions of royalty-free files

When creating videos, it is essential to take into account the copyright of the digital files that are used. Well, FlexClip has more than 4,000,000 free videos and photos for personal and commercial use. But, in addition to photos and videos, the app’s media library also features royalty-free music tracks, vectors, and animations. Combined, FlexClip has everything you need to create incredible videos without the need for third-party resources. 

Screen recorder and webcam

FlexClip incorporates a screen recorder within its video editor that allows you to easily capture the screen without the need to install any additional software or extension. Also, you can record videos through your webcam. These two tools are perfect for creating video tutorials or explanations for online classes.

Custom watermarks

Adding a watermark to your videos created with FlexClip is very easy. Go to the “watermark” option in the side menu and add the text or image you want to appear as a watermark. It will automatically appear in your project, and this will give a more personalized touch to the videos you create.

Export formats

FlexClip allows you to export your videos in MP4 and GIF formats. Exports in GIF format, as in MP4 can be done with various resolutions. Now, depending on the subscription plan you hire, you can export with more or less quality.

Other outstanding features

Finally, we want to highlight other FlexClip functions, such as the possibility of adding texts, transitions, or animations. In addition, its editor will also allow you to increase the speed of the videos, rotate them, flip them or enlarge them. You can even create a video collage.

How can I use FlexClip in education?

FlexClip is a video editor with many uses for both teachers and students. Teachers and professors can create lesson videos, motivational videos, or compilation videos of student work. Students can also benefit from FlexClip as a tool to create school work such as presentations, advertisement videos, book trailers, explanatory videos, newscasts, etc. Next, we leave you an example of book trailers created with FlexClip.

As you can see, Flexclip has everything you need to create incredible videos without the need to use other resources or tools. FlexClip is an application that is distributed under the Freemium model. This means that its basic services are free, but you must purchase a premium plan to access advanced features and resources. In this link, you will find the prices of the payment plans. They are pretty cheap and check them out.

We hope that the entry has helped you to get to know this application a little better. What do you think of the FlexClip application? Could you leave us your opinion in the comments?

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