Everything You Need to Know About Emerging Technologies in Data Storage


Even the least IT savvy business owner knows that technology moves fast. The digital world is constantly improving, driven by a myriad of software and hardware producers that are all in competition with one another. If you can’t discern the necessary upgrades from the advertised (but unessential) ones then you could quickly pour a fortune down the drain, trying to stay ahead.

To this end; we put together a short guide on all you need to know about emerging technologies with regards to data storage. This ever-evolving world sees new and improved products on a daily basis. To stop yourself buying something you don’t need; read on…

Data Storage is Changing

No matter where or when you are reading this article, data storage will have changed from when it was written. It is a constant shift, wave after wave of new technologies are being brought onto the market… so how do you tell the needed from the soon-to-be out-dated?

Why do we need all this change? Data growth is driving the industry. If you have ever tried to record a video on your phone then you will be aware of how much space you need to do so. Data storage devices need to get bigger so that they can accommodate this factor.

This isn’t all doom and gloom. In line with the current global shift toward climate and Eco-friendly companies, old hardware can be reused and recycled. Everything from used HPE 3PAR Storage to old laptops can be refurbished, upgraded, and made better via software advances. While data storage grows that doesn’t mean we can’t recycle some of the old parts.

Evolutions in Data Storage to Expect

So what should you look out for and class as a safe investment for your firm? Try keeping an eye open for these few things:

  • Data Storage Management – syncing and management of systems is going to be seeing some vast leaps in the near future. Data needs to be retrievable; otherwise there is no point in storing it. The easier it is to retrieve, the more firms can save on training.
  • Advanced Erasure Codes – are likely to expand to encompass the protection of data centres.
  • AI and Machine Learning – will play a huge part in data storage methods of the future. AI needs to be able to sort data into usable and irrelevant within the blink of an eye to perform as well as scientists want it to. Data storage is going to hurry to catch up.
  • Bigger RAM – this is a staple throughout technological history. Perhaps the difference will be in the increase in amounts of memory servers can hold.
  • A Rise in Scaling – scale out architectures will be more widely used. The advantages in data protection are too good to be ignored.
  • Safety and Security – of both servers and of data centres – or anything else you store of a customer’s details. All of it needs to be better protected. For a while it looked like Block Chain tech had the answers, but the huge amounts of power needed for makes it cumbersome. Expect this to get sleeker as the years go past.

Rounding Up

Data storage techniques haven’t finished evolving yet. If what your firm is being offered looks like a natural step in that evolution; snap it up. If what the salesman presents you with is a dud? You now know enough to be able to spot it.

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