The Most Profitable Opportunities for Tech-Savvy Entrepreneurs

Tech-Savvy Entrepreneurs

If you are looking to make money and use your tech-savvy knowledge, then you want to go where the is action is happening. Right now, there are a number of places where you can make good money by using your tech-savvy skills. Here are five business opportunities that you can start today.

1. Flipping websites

You have probably heard about flipping real estate. When you flip real estate, you usually find a house that is a “fixer-upper.” You invest some money to make the house look nicer and then re-sell it for the profit. Well, the same principle applies to website flipping. There are a number of sites such as Flippa and Empire Flippers that do millions of dollars of transactions per month. So, how do you start? Well, you can start by building your own website, doing the proper SEO and bringing in traffic. As you build up a steady stream of traffic to the site, you can sell the site to someone who wants that traffic. There are a number of people who build and flip sites for a living. Start-up costs are low. You simply need to have some knowledge of how to build sites that can attract traffic.

2. Dropship servicing

You may be familiar with drop shipping. This is the business opportunity where you find wholesale items and offer them for sale on your website. When someone orders the item, you in turn order it from the wholesaler or distributor and profit the difference. These tasks can be hectic if you do not use automation and it is highly advisable to contact as they can literally automate nearly every aspect of your dropshipping business. To be honest, being a drop shipper is tough these days because of all the competition. However, this is a big opportunity in being a drop-ship service provider. You see, during the gold rush, the people who were digging for the gold rarely got rich. However, the people who sold the picks and the shovels to the gold rush hunters made off with a fortune. So, what you want to do is sell the “picks and shovels” to the drop shippers. Dropship servicing can include providing marketing materials to drop shippers, building websites, handling customer service, and more. GoBiz USA is your enhanced cost-effective marketplace created for small businesses, large enterprises, and drop-ship e-commerce stores with warehouses based right here in the USA.

3. Renting your property on Airbnb

You have probably heard that operating real estate rentals is a great way to get rich. Well, if you don’t have the money to invest in an apartment building, you can always make an excellent profit by renting out a second property on Airbnb. Right now, Airbnb is booming with over $1 billion in sales in the second quarter of 2019 alone. With Airbnb, your property acts like a “hotel” where you allow guests and charge them a nightly rate. If you want to get started, you can take an Airbnb course that will walk you through the process of successfully operating a rental on the site.

4. Selling print on demand items

Imagine selling products that don’t exist until someone buys them. That’s the idea behind print on demand products. These products offer a distinct advantage from Amazon and Wal-Mart in that each item is personalized for the buyer. For instance, a person can have a coffee cup printed with her name on it. Or you can create an illustration of a person’s pet that is printed onto a canvas or cellphone case. There are a number of companies that can fulfill your print-on-demand orders. All you have to do is find the designs or create them on your own. From there you can market the designs on a site such as Etsy. When an order comes in, you or your virtual assistant send the customization orders to the fulfillment company and you are done.

5. Selling courses

Everyone has some sort of specialized knowledge. Now, you can take that knowledge and sell it online. Sites like Teachable and Udemy allow you to sell your course at just about any price. There are a number of people who have gotten rich by selling courses on everything from weight loss to playing the piano. You can build your authority on a subject matter through social media and then advertise your course to your audience. You can also re-target your audience with Facebook and Google ads in order to increase your revenue.

Getting the most profit in the digital realm

There are many business opportunities for tech-savvy people. You can flip websites, start a dropship servicing business, operate an Airbnb property, sell print on demand products, or sell courses. Try one of these approaches. You may soon find your big next business opportunity right on your laptop.

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