Events in Perth, Australia to Look Forward to in 2021

Many people travel to Perth, Australia for a wide assortment of fun activities and events that happen year-round. Tourists enjoy the predictable weather patterns, including hot dry summers and rainy yet mild winters, that make preparing for their trip that much easier. This article will cover some of the more popular events that people are looking forward to attending in 2021.

1.  Year-Round Concerts and Show-Stopping Plays

Year-Round Concerts

The city of Perth has a population of almost two million people. This eclectic area hosts an assortment of concerts and shows year-round. Some of the upcoming musical events include Bon Iver in March of 2021 and the Backstreet Boys in May of 2021. There are also plays scheduled throughout the year, so be sure to check out the city’s official website to see who and what will be stopping by this year.

2.  The Official Perth Festival

Official Perth Festival


Those wanting to attend a long event should consider visiting Perth in February to attend the Perth Festival. This festival has taken place annually since 1953 and will last this year from Friday, February 5th to Sunday, February 28, 2021. This year the festival is speculated to have an estimated 700,000 people attend. Scheduled entertainment includes musical concerts, dancing exhibitions, live arts, plays, author events, and even a film festival.

3.  The Perth Cup

The Perth Cup

Saturday, January 2nd, 2021 is the Perth Cup. Exciting Perth cup info that travelers need to know is that there is a Purse Prize of $400,000! It is estimated that more than ten thousand people will attend this year to watch the 2,400-meter horse race. Travelers can place bets on their favorite horses and riders and then enjoy watching the big horse racing event. Some lucky people can even win cash prizes if they bet on the right racing team. The winner of the Perth Cup will go on to race in the Adelaide Cup in March.

4.  Rooftop Movie Events

Rooftop Movie Events


Now through March 27th, 2021, the city of Perth is enjoying rooftop movies. Locals and tourists alike are ditching the couch and heading to the city rooftops for a movie festival and a slice of pizza. This program is showing an assortment of movie types through this event, from family classics to new releases. Spectators are enjoying their favorite films a whopping six stories up in the air, which isn’t something that one can do that often unless it’s during a special movie festival like this one. The same company that puts on the Fringe World Festival is the one dazzling moviegoers with this one.

In conclusion, Perth is a happening city with year-round events, races, concerts, festivals, and shows that tourists and locals alike enjoy. Travelers love it because they know what to expect in terms of weather, which again helps them prepare for their travels to the area. They know what to pack, how to dress, and can have a great time at those 2021 Perth events. There is always something going on, so no matter what time someone visits they will be in for some great entertainment.

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