Car Seat Tips For Baby’s First Road Trip

Baby Road Trip

If you are like me and you like a good road trip, then your baby will experience one sooner rather than later. You have all you require to make your road trip incident-free. Now you need to do the same for your baby. Let us start with car seats! Here are four tips for selecting the best car seats for your baby.

1. There are a variety of choices available, know which suits you best

When it comes to car seats, you will realize that your options are endless. The age and stage your baby is will determine which seat to choose. For example, if your baby is between 22-35 pounds, the rear-facing car seat is suitable. These come with handles and a base that allows you to remove them from the car and quickly replace them easily. However, the convertible seat can be transformed from rear-facing to forward-facing as your baby grows. Other options are the all in one and booster seats, but as I said, know which of these best meet your needs. An excellent way to understand this leads me to my second tip- ensure whichever seat you choose fits into your vehicle.

2. You should first check if the car seat fits before making your purchase

One mistake you can make when choosing your baby seat is to assume that any seat out there will fit into your vehicle. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) ensures all the baby seats available for sale gets measured with the same safety stick. However, this is not foolproof that they are all the exact fit for all vehicles. Before purchasing, measure the area you want to install the car seat and use that measurement to purchase. Try not to buy a car seat based solely on the brand name or the looks. Your budget is also essential.

3. Purchase a car seat within your budget

The NHTSA approves the next baby car seat you see in the store. The ones you find with costs at the higher end of the spectrum are not “safer” than the cheaper ones. Instead, the pricier models carry more “features.” It is like a cell phone. Both make calls, but this year’s model may have newer applications than last year’s model. At the same time, try not to buy a used car seat rather than a new one. There may be times when the used seats have damaged parts that are not visible now but an accident. Do not sacrifice safety for a few dollars.

4. Do a proper installation of the car seat

Pay special attention to this tip for your baby’s first road trip. When the car is in motion, it becomes more difficult for you to attend to your baby. Therefore, you want to be sure that your bundle of joy gets secured for the ride. When you make your car seat purchase, you will get an instruction manual with it. Try going for the seats with pictorial instructions. It is right for you to be focused when strapping in your baby as you do not want to miss any detail. One brand you can use is the Daiichi baby car seat. They have a weighted engineering design that is perfect for your long road trips. Get help from professionals where you need it for the installation.

Let us do a review:

1. You made a suitable choice for his car seat, and you checked to ensure that it fits in your vehicle before finalizing the purchase.

2. You also made sure to stay within your budget and not be carried away by brand names or perceptions about the child seat’s safety.

3. You installed the seat correctly to ensure the safety of your child.

If you have all these items checked, it is now time to set out on the baby’s first road trip.

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