Essential Factors to Consider When Planning a Summer Corporate Event

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Around the world, the summer months are a popular time to throw a corporate event because there is generally a wider variety of venues to choose from, fresh, seasonal foods to serve, and a broader variety of themes and extras to include.

If you are looking to host a memorable event for your business and take advantage of the vacation aspect of the next few months, then read on for the four essential factors to consider when planning a summer corporate event.

1. Thoroughly consider the venue.

First and foremost, you want to make sure you have considered your venue options before you commit. During the summer months, you are likely to find yourself with a wide array of potential venue options for your event. From wineries to golf courses, such as a links golf club and various outdoor spaces, this is a time of year where you want to make the most of your surrounding environment.

When deciding upon a venue, look for a space that allows for imaginative entertainment ideas and that adds a sense of awe to the whole get-together. That being said, make sure you have the necessary plans in place for unexpected weather conditions. Speak with your potential venue providers about their options, and whether or not you will be able to move the event inside in case of rain or extreme heat.

2. Get creative with a theme.

Depending on the type of corporate event you are throwing, you may want to think outside the box and choose a party theme. This is particularly fun if you are throwing an employee appreciation party or are debuting a new product or service. Having a theme helps get all attendees in the spirit of things and enhances the rest of your preparations.

Once you have chosen a theme (or even a color scheme), then you can begin to brainstorm ways to incorporate it into the decorations, the food, and the props. Working with event management services will help you hone in on your theme and ensure that the small touches are taken care of so that your corporate summer event will be remembered.

3. Don’t overlook the extras.

You know from your business experience that nothing great can be achieved alone and, if you want something to be memorable, you have to build a team that can help realize your vision. This is especially true when it comes to planning events as there are so many moving parts and logistics that need to be organized and reviewed. You also don’t want to be overlooking the extras.

This means booking entertainment and working with the best AV company in Dubai (or wherever you reside) to ensure that you have the best audio and lighting systems.

Additionally, it is always recommended to hire caterers to take care of the food and drink so that you won’t be stressing about it and your guests leave the event feeling satisfied. Last but not least, look for ways to create an appropriate ambiance for the event with lighting, heating solutions, gift bags and the like.

4. Stay on brand.

While you are having lots of fun planning the theme of the event and coming up with creative ways to step up the ambiance, you still need to remember that what you will be hosting is a corporate gathering.

It, therefore, needs to have a touch of your firm’s unique branding. From the moment your guests receive their invitation to the follow-up email saying “Thank you for attending!”, you want your brand’s vibe to be apparent.

Again, how you choose to include your branding is going to depend on the type of event you are throwing and the kind of company that you are. However, it is always a good idea to include personal company touches such as items embossed with your logo or edible branded treats.

Additionally, look to provide giveaways to reinforce company values and make your guests feel appreciated. And, always thank your employees for attending.

Are you looking to host a corporate event over the coming months? If so, what challenges are you currently facing? Do you have any tips to share with others who are about to start planning?

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