Common Conflict Types That Might Arise at Work


Conflict is an inevitable part of life that nobody can hide away from. At some point in our lives, we’ll all experience some kind of conflict with our family members, partners, kids, friends, or even our co-workers. No matter how hard you might try to be pleasant and get along with others, disagreements and conflict are a part of life, and are sometimes necessary. Conflict is going to happen whenever we have any kind of relationship with others. In the workplace, there are various types of conflict that can arise between co-workers.

Personality Conflicts

Some of the most common types of conflict in the workplace are simply personality clashes. Everybody is different, and sometimes people just don’t click together very well. In the workplace, for example, there might be a coworker who is quite chatty and one who prefers to stay quiet while they are working, which could bring up some disagreements. Most of the time, personality clashes in the workplaces can be avoided by simply remembering to be considerate of everybody’s differences.

Leadership Conflicts

Conflict resolution in the workplace is often focused on leadership conflicts. There are lots of different leadership styles that people may have, but some people might work better under one leadership style than another, which can at times lead to clashes and disagreements at work between managers and employees. The best leaders know that adapting their leadership style to different people is a good way to manage this situation, as not everybody is going to respond the same way to certain leadership traits. For example, some people might work better when they are trusted and left to get on with it, while others might do a better job with a manager who is a little bit more involved.

Work Style Conflicts

In the workplace, people will often have different ways of working, whether they are a part of a team or working on their own. Some people prefer to work in groups with others, while others are better when left on their own to get on with it. Some employees might thrive better when they get regular feedback and input, while this might not have much of an impact on others. When different people with different work styles come together, this can sometimes cause conflicts to arise.

Teamwork Conflicts

Conflicts with teamwork can often be quite common in the workplace, especially when people are relying on each other to get work and projects done. If somebody isn’t doing their fair share of the work in a team, this can sometimes leave the other team members feeling frustrated and let down. To avoid teamwork conflicts in the workplace, it’s a good idea to focus on ensuring that all team members have the resources that they need to get the job done, and that there are enough people on the team to complete the work successfully.

Conflict is a normal part of human life, and there’s sometimes no getting away from it. When handled well, it can be a useful way to get to know others better and help you work better together.

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