Digital Growth Hacking Tips From A Pro That’s Done It Before!

Digital Growth Hacking

With so much competition in every industry, it can be difficult to find success online. With a fantastic digital marketing strategy in place and experts working tirelessly to gain a following, growing and developing an online presence can still be tough. This is why it’s important to use tried and tested growth hacking tips, those that a professional has deemed worthwhile. Rather than continually struggling to grow online and worrying about leads, there are tips and tricks to give you a much needed online boost.

Digital Growth Hacking Tips You Should Try

Automate Your B2B Sales

There is no denying that B2B sales are becoming a lot more personalised, it’s a way to engage the audience and it helps to build a long lasting business relationship. However, the future of B2B sales will also become more automated. Remember, these two are not mutually exclusive. As well as producing content that’s personal, a salesperson will need to let someone find it on their own. In order to do this, salespeople need to be comfortable creating for automation.

Be Authentic on Social Media

Social media should always be a key part of digital marketing, but it’s important to dominate social media feeds in an authentic way. This doesn’t mean impressing followers with technology and complex posts, it means being raw and unfiltered. Social media users are exposed to all kinds of marketing and advertising online, which means a lot of what businesses do gets lost in the commotion. However, authenticity stands out and disrupts what everyone else is doing.

Utilise Silence and Cut Video Production Time

There has been a huge boost in the number of businesses that are using video marketing as part of their online strategy. Producing an impressive video takes time, but a lot of this time is wasted thinking about audio quality and voice overs. A lot of people watch videos without sound, which means that utilising silence can save you time and garner the same results. There’s nothing to say that a video has to have sound.

Get on Board With Emojis and Gifs

There’s a lot of competition out there, which is why it’s important for a business to reach people in a personalised way. This can be done by using emojis and gifs. Emojis and gifs have a big impact and they work well for making a message feel a lot more personal. Adding emojis and gifs to messages or posts can even boost click through rate.

As you can see, there are a number of digital growth hacking tips that are worth trying regardless of the type of business you have. Boosting your digital success and online presence doesn’t need to be something that is complicated and confusing, it doesn’t even need to be something that takes a great deal of time. Very small changes such as using emojis and saving time on video production can make a big difference.

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