Common Household Plumbing Problems That Sydney Residents Endure

Household Plumbing

Despite being one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world, Australians still prefer to live in the capital city of New South Wales because of its thriving economy and recreational amenities.

After work, they can spend time with their loved ones in one of the parks and gardens scattered in the metro, enjoy a good meal in one of the restaurants there. Because of this, homeowners are willing to pay a premium on residential dwellings in Sydney and its suburbs. Every time they notice something broken at home, most Sydney households would call their trusted repair professionals like plumbing services in Sydney to fix any leaking sink or faucet. Some of the most common plumbing issues faced by Sydney homeowners include the following. 


Clogged toilets, baths, or showers are standard in most Sydney households. These problems usually appear because soap, hair, and other waste clog the drainage of these fixtures. Homeowners can use various home remedies like using a baking soda and vinegar mixture and plunging it vigorously until the clog disappears. But if these remedies will not work, you need to call for professional services to have it fixed immediately. 

Low Water Pressure 

Older properties usually experience low water pressure due to worn or broken pipes that deteriorated over time. Most of the time, this problem happens because of a build-up of mineral deposits and sediments on the aerators. Homeowners may soak it in vinegar and loosen it with a toothpick to clear the pipes. But if the problem persists, you can call a professional service provider to have it removed to fix the pressure of the water. 

Leaking Faucets

Perhaps the most common problem experienced by all households in Sydney and other cities in Australia is dripping faucets. While you can consider this as a minor problem, it can still irritate the homeowner because of all the noise and wastewater coming from the uncontrollable faucet. It is also harmful to the environment since a single dysfunctional faucet can waste more than 12,000 gallons of water every month. Anyone can fix this problem, but it would be best if you will call a professional service provider from a company that offers plumbing services in Sydney to make sure that it will never bother you again for a long time. 

Sewer System Backup

Most households find the sewer system backup a significant problem since it can cause a nasty smell in the entire house. Aside from the discomfort and inconvenience that you will experience because of this, it will also cause you to spend a lot of money to have it fixed. You need to call a professional service provider to handle this as soon as possible if you want to avoid the nasty smell at home. 

These are some of the most prevalent problems faced by many households in Sydney. Once any of these problems emerged in your property, you can contact your professional plumber to have it checked. Delaying to have it fixed can result in more significant plumbing problems in the long run. 

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