Challenges you will face while studying abroad

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We have to make many sacrifices to become successful in the future. It requires lots of effort and focuses to follow your dreams. Sometimes we have to leave our place and travel across the nations to get a high quality of education. These days many students are showing interest in moving abroad to continue their studies and settle down there. Many of the students have done wonders but they have struggled a lot to gain what they have now.

To make things a bit easier, overseas education consultants  can help and guide you with all the things that may concern you. They will help to show you the right path and make it as smooth as possible. The documentation process is undoubtedly very lengthy and without any external help, it will be difficult for one. They also help in providing help to clear the language exam such as IELTS, TOEFL,etc which are important before applying to another country. One will face lots of challenges and hurdles when staying in another country but the consultants can prepare everything for you for your ease. Also, in case of any doubt, they will be available for you to clear and solve them. There are many overseas consultants but you should choose one who has a good reputation and are pocket-friendly. As already said, one will face many problems, but every effort is worth it if you are dedicated to achieving your goals.

So following are some of the challenges while studying abroad:

1. Accommodation: This is always the main challenge when staying abroad. Getting the right place to live which is near your university or your workplace with the right roommates at affordable costs is difficult. Also, if you want to live alone in an apartment, it will be difficult for a student to afford it. If you find such a place, some may face difficulty to get food service accommodation, if someone does not know how to cook.

2. Financial problems: Studying abroad can be heavy on pockets as it involves many costs. Even after reaching abroad, you have to incur some daily expenses to live comfortably. Expenses like tuition fees, health insurance, rent, and other basic amenities cost a lot. It becomes difficult for some to arrange money in case of difficulty.

3. Independent: If you think that you can hire any maid for your apartment when moving abroad, you should make yourself aware that the maids in foreign countries work on an hourly basis which means, it is very heavy on pockets. So everything like cleaning, cooking, dusting,etc have to be done by yourself.

4. Away from family: This is one of the most difficult challenges. There will be a time gap between the countries and sometimes it gets difficult for one to manage the time and call family. So it becomes difficult to balance the time between study life and the family.

So above are some of the challenges of staying abroad but struggling every second is worth it. Also, some of the challenges like accommodation can be overcome and solved by the consultants. You will find many overseas education consultants in Delhi and other countries very easily.

5. Language barriers: Most students who are thinking of studying in the countries like UK, Australia, etc where English is the first language, could find it difficult to overcome this language barrier. More often than not these students will need to complete an English test in the form of PTE IELTS or TOEFL, to proven English efficiency. It therefore becomes vital for students to gain the fluency and understanding of the language. However, by completing PTE English classes, students can remove the language barrier and prepare for their English test at the same time, ensuring they receive the right grade.

6. High quality of education: One of the profound reasons students study abroad is to get a high-quality of education. There is a far difference in academics in other countries where they put a lot of focus on practical knowledge than on theoretical. Plus, the assignment works and other deadlines make a student more responsible and skillful in their studies. The students face the challenge of competing with deadlines and assigning project works, assignments and at last, all this benefits them for a lifetime.

7. Sense of company: When residing in other countries for studies, the other major challenge the student faces is choosing the right to accompany friends. It becomes mandatory to find a companion to share thoughts, emotions, and accommodation all the time. There is no point in spending time alone and do nothing especially in a country where you hardly know anyone.

8. Approachable staff: Along with choosing the right accommodation, looking for an approachable staff is very important. Students shift their apartments monthly or yearly and about 70% of students believe that staff should be friendly who can help them when they need it.

9. Job prospects: Since students who chose to leave their home to study abroad, always look for a second source of income i.e. part-time jobs. Students have so many expenses whether it is the cost of accommodation, cost of traveling and to intact all these expenses they have to choose part-time jobs. Thus, students get the benefit of doing part-time jobs along with their studies that too counts in their resume.

10. Knowing their culture: Every country follows different culture and coping with those is very important. One thing is sure that you will make mistakes but learning from those mistakes should be your motive to respect the sentiments of the people living out there.

To conclude

Traveling to another country and leaving family behind for years, is one of the challenges but overcoming those challenges is very important. A person needs to be physically and mentally strong to overcome those challenges. Whether it is to stay away from family, to find the right accommodation and friends, or feel independent. In every aspect, a student needs to make a bold decision to make their future bright. Thus, the above-mentioned challenges are likely to come in between when a student chooses to study abroad, but overcoming those challenges is the real-challenge in itself.

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