Career Triple E’s: Why Efficiency, Empathy, and Excellence are Important Attributes in the Corporate World

Corporate World

The business world has a reputation for being cold and profit driven. While the latter is more than likely true for any successful enterprise, the approach used to reach this point should not be a cold one.

In recent decades, the human side of doing business has largely fallen by the wayside. But now, many have realized the key to success is acknowledging that employees and other stakeholders are real people, with real feelings. And you need to be mindful of how you interact with them.

To help better manage this balance, the career triple E’s come into play.

Efficiency, Empathy, and Excellence.

Understanding Efficiency

This is almost self-explanatory. To excel in the workspace, you need to be efficient in what you do. This means you have the skills to get the job done, and can follow the given guidelines and timeframe.

A delay in meeting deliverables is a delay in delivering to the client, which impacts the entire business, not just your daily tasks. The bigger picture needs to be considered, and not only your immediate environment.

Employees and managers must take note of efficiency across the various business units, identifying where it’s lacking, and what can be done to resolve it.

Embracing Empathy

Humans are emotional beings by nature. Your ability to understand and relate to what people are feeling will do wonders for your career.

This is an important tool in building business relationships, and can be the reason your company excels. People want to know that you take note of what they say and feel.

Simple gestures like sending flowers or a thank you note will show you care and strengthen the relationship. Never underestimate the power of the personal touch, regardless of your ranking.

Striving For Excellence

When it comes to business, we should all want to excel. Whether it’s updating your resume or leading a team towards a sales target, putting your best foot forward is essential.

To be good at what you do you need to be willing to learn and accept constructive criticism. Use every task as a learning opportunity, and always look for ways you can better your offering. This will ensure you add value, while upskilling yourself in the process.

Always Look At The Bigger Picture

So often we become consumed by OUR bottom line and OUR needs we lose sight of the bigger picture. We’re not just a puzzle piece looking to fill a gap, we’re cogs and gears of an important machine. By focusing on the triple E’s, we can use them to get ahead in business while maintaining the human touch.

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