Career options after B. Tech/ M.Tech

Career options

B. Tech, Bachelor of Technology is a four year Under Graduate program related to hardcore engineering. In B. Tech, there are several options to opt, like Computer, Civil, Auto Mobile, Mechanical, Electronics etc. Engineering is a big field and competition in engineering is multifarious, so the student who has a passion for building something new must go for engineering. In this stream, a student goes through the nitty-gritty of building the things that can make the human lives better than before. It is the route to many revolutions, in last decade, we have seen social media revolutions like Facebook and Whats app, smartphone revolutions like I Phone and Android. All of them are gifted technology to human lives. Engineering is changing the world. We are building the things much better and bigger. Burj Khalifa is an exceptional example of magnificent engineering.

Scope after B. Tech

Looking at the scope of B. Tech degree, there are plenty of options

one can go for Masters or can start a new business. After engineering there are options like Research and Development, in research and development, a person has to work really hard and have to present everything perfectly because only those people succeed. Teaching is the most common option for every graduate because if you have learned well enough you can teach well enough also. For Computer engineers, there is an option of software and hardware development, M.N.C’s hire engineers from top Engineering colleges in the country to develop software for them. All the popular software are paid, one has to buy the software to use it, the software industry is growing by leaps and bounds, employment opportunities are huge in number in the software industry. For civil Engineers, there are thousands of Govt. Jobs Opportunities for Engineers available as the organizations are always on the stage of exploring better infrastructure for the country’s development.

Master of Technology – M. Tech

For all the engineering passionate who wants to gain a surplus of information in the field of technology or engineering can opt for a masters degree in technology. It is a 2-year post-graduate program which will make a student walk through the various details and inner depth of subjects, a person opting for masters in engineering should have a dexterous hand over it. In a nutshell, a person, who intends to ameliorate his skills in the field of engineering must, without giving it a second look should continue with the track of pursuing a masters degree in technology. Though there is no denial to this fact that, there are a plethora of candidates holding a masters degree in engineering and numerous colleges offering this programme so one must choose wisely among the colleges and must be prepared for the competition prevailing in the market.

Scope after M. Tech

Talking about the scope, after a masters degree in technology a candidate is able to open new avenues for the upliftment of his career in the field of engineering. The route to super-specialization and research operations in engineering is always open to a candidate after a masters degree. Also, the demand of the market, to always get introduced with new technology and better infrastructure calls for the incorporation of engineering units in the country. A candidate can also place himself in the corporate sector, as there are many consulting companies and multinational companies hiring candidates with a masters degree. On a whole, there is always a certainty of employment after a masters degree. Moreover, the channel of the teaching profession is always there on the list of jobs after M. Tech. At the end of the day, you have to perform your best to eradicate the benefits mentioned and build an affiliated career for yourself. 

After completing B. Tech/ M.Tech you can start your career as an Aerospace, Agricultural, Automotive, Biomedical, Computer, Electrical, Chemical, Telecommunication, Mechanical, Civil, Marine, Software Engineer, Professor, Manager and Research fellow.

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